The 7 Essentials of a Modern Email Security Platform

Did you know that with the right machine learning and AI models bulid into a human-centric platform, your organization can now reduce the time from phishing attack detection to response from days to just seconds?

While most businesses continue to rely on static secure email gateways (SEGs) or the baked-in security of email service providers, the evolution of the emailthreat landscape, the high-rate of micro-targeted attacks and the speed at which threat intelligence must be consumedhave significantly reduced the effectiveness of both types of solutions.

Download this playbook to gain a greater understanding of:
  1. Why existing cloud and email security solutions aren’t built for advanced email phishing threat detection and response
  2. How employees can play become a vital layer of detectionrole in email security when incorporated holistically
  3. Why the open decentralization of human intelligence is the future of email security
  4. The importance of a closed feedback loop between technical and non-technical controls
  5. The affordability and seamlessness of advanced phishing protectionability to easily integrate or replace your existing email security stack, while keeping deployment seamless
9 of 10 Cyberattacks
9 of 10 Cyberattacks Email phishing attacks have evolved into 90% of all attacks
156 Million Phishing Emails
Sent on a daily basis due to email’s inherent insecurities
Less than 82 Seconds
Before a phishing email lures a click
“We see organizations of all sizes being targeted and successfully defrauded via phishing campaigns and business email compromise attacks. It’s a combination of social engineering (convincing the recipient that the sender is someone they’re not) and poor cyber hygiene.”
– Ryan Rubin, partner, UK Forensic & Integrity Services team, Ernst & Young
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