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Anti Phishing Email Security Solutions

Get the right training, tools, and intelligence with a one-click resolution in a single email security solution. Hunt, log, alert, analyze and remediate phishing attacks faster and better than ever before. We offer a cloud-based platform with push-button protection, giving you simplicity and speed for accelerated visibility and control.

Protect Your Organization From Phishing Attacks

As phishing scams grow more and more complex, an increasing number of organizations and their employees are falling for these realistic, smart attacks. In a typical phishing attack, employees get a seemingly legitimate email that asks for login credentials or other sensitive information. Attackers are then able to breach your security when employees provide that info or click on a malicious URL or attachment.

Many employees recognize the most basic phishing attacks, but they lag behind when it comes to identifying complex tactics such as business email compromise (BEC), CEO fraud, or other social engineering strategies. That’s why a comprehensive email security solution should involve both cutting-edge technology and a methodology for boosting and then leveraging human intelligence. Because technology alone cannot catch all of these tactics, it’s also important that all employees are trained to recognize phishing attempts and respond appropriately.

Protect Your Organization From Phishing Attacks

Advanced Malware & URL Protection

Protect against zero-day malware, credential theft, and phishing websites with a real-time defense against all inbound emails, using various multi-anti-virus, visual anomaly detection and sandbox engines.

Mailbox-Level BEC Protection

Prevent email spoofing, impersonation and non-signature-based BEC attacks in real time. Check every employee’s inbox for anomalies with our unique “fingerprint” technology.

AI-Powered Incident Response

Automate email phishing investigation, orchestration and response to reduce the detection of suspicious mail to just seconds. Automatically claw back and cluster bad emails at scale – instantly.

Democratized Threat Protection

Get real-time collaboration and actionable insights from IRONSCALES private customer community of security analysts. Leverage real teams, in real time to detect and block emerging and morphing phishing threats.

Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)

Themis emulates security analysts decision making criteria to auto classify and remediate phishing emails automatically detected or reported.

Phishing Simulation & Training

Simulate attacks to drive user awareness and training with a customized micro-learning method to help employees think like security analysts and identify attacks.
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How Our Anti-Phishing Solutions Benefit You

Powerful simplicity is the key to our approach. Sure, we love offering a single solution that provides complete visibility and monitoring, real-time reporting, and robust training to raise phishing awareness. But security tools are only as useful as their adoption rates, so we designed IRONSCALES to be quick, easy-to-use and engaging.

Implementation takes minutes, and integration with existing email tools such as Office 365, Exchange, and G-Suite is immediate and seamless. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, there’s no hardware or software necessary to get started. We’re also committed to ensuring you have a successful engagement. That’s why we offer continuous, free technical support via phone, email and our support resource library.

How Our Anti-Phishing Solutions Benefit You

Don’t Wait to Discover The IRONSCALES Difference

In a crowded market where everyone claims to be first, IRONSCALES is focused on being last – the last line of defense against any and all phishing attacks. There’s a lot of competing claims out there, but all too often, you’ll find that other products only address a small part of the email security problem. We think our approach is the most secure and comprehensive option on today’s market, which is why we’re happy to provide a free, no-obligation demo at any time.

Our unique approach leverages decentralized human intelligence in conjunction with AI-powered incident response and remediation to drastically reduce the time needed to identity, report and remediate phishing attacks. Nobody else can leverage as much people and attention against these problems. Don’t waste any more time and money putting out one phishing fire after another – request a demo today and see how IRONSCALES can help you get in front of the problem for good.

Don’t Wait to Discover The IRONSCALES Difference
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