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Email Security Solutions

We offer a cloud-based platform with push-button protection, giving you simplicity and speed for accelerated visibility and control. Get the right training, tools, and intelligence with a one-click resolution in a single platform to hunt, log, alert, analyze and remediate phishing attacks faster and better than ever before.

Protect Your Organization from Phishing Attacks With:

Advanced Malware & URL Protection

Protect against zero-day malware, credential theft, and phishing websites with a real-time defense against all inbound emails, using various multi-anti-virus, visual anomaly detection and sandbox engines.

Mailbox-Level BEC Protection

Prevent email spoofing, impersonation and non-signature-based BEC attacks in real time. Check every employee’s inbox for anomalies with our unique “fingerprint” technology.

AI-Powered Incident Response

Automate email phishing investigation, orchestration and response to reduce the detection of suspicious mail to just seconds. Automatically claw back and cluster bad emails at scale – instantly.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Get the world’s most real-time and actionable threat intelligence with more eyeballs and SOC analysts than any other solutions available, detect existing and emerging phishing threats in real time.

Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)

Our AI-powered security analyst allows your security teams to make faster decisions on suspicious emails in real time by automating the thresholds, analysis and quarantine of threats.

Phishing Simulation & Training

Simulate attacks to drive user awareness and training with a customized micro-learning method to help employees think like security analysts and identify attacks.
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