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Make smarter and faster decisions regarding suspicious emails already in users’ mailboxes

The Business Email Compromise Challenge

Security professionals know that 100% prevention is possible. Email protocols were not designed with security in mind, and typically lack effective authentication mechanisms to confirm the identity and legitimacy of senders. Today’s BEC threats easily bypass signature-based prevention mechanisms used by SEGs, while legacy BEC protections (DMARC) are only effective for a small subset of phishing threats.

The Solution to BEC Attacks

We built our technology to address two questions that are easy to ask but hard to answer: Who is sending What? The “Who” equates to the real identity of the sender. The “What” stands for the content and the context of the communication. Our platform dynamically learns your users’ mailbox and communication habits, helping end-users make smarter, quicker decisions regarding suspicious emails.

How IRONSCALES BEC Protection Works

  • Provides machine learning-based technology to identify email senders in real time
  • Prevents email spoofing, impersonation and non-signature based BEC attacks in real time
  • Helps SOCs study every employee inbox ongoing to detect anomalies using email and meta data
  • Automatically checks every employee inbox for anomalies with unique fingerprint technology
  • Helps employees to recognize and report phishing through InMail banner alerts
  • Factors for DMARC/SPF/DKIM, sending IPs, normal communication context and other metadata
  • Helps users to make smarter, quicker decisions regarding suspicious emails already in their inbox
People used to send me e-mails all the time ‘should I
open?’... no more...this is a huge time saver.
Service Desk Technician -- Financial Services
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