Phishing Incident Response

Reduce manual email analysis and response by
more than 90% in order to have more time to
triage, investigate and respond to attacks.

Why Do You Need
Phishing Incident Response

From an organizational perspective, reducing the risk of phishing attacks is a race against time. Today’s phishers are sophisticated. Attackers leverage technological advances and publicly available personal information to perform social engineering and context-aware attacks, which are up to 4.5x more effective than traditional attacks.
increased danger when no identification takes place

Unfortunately, your busy SOC analysts are often overwhelmed with work and don’t have enough hours in the day to deal with everything. They manage a wide range of vital security functions across many critical (and often disconnected) systems, including email.
A lot of malicious emails

Regardless of experience or expertise, it’s not feasible for any analyst to detect, investigate, and remediate the large volume of employee reported or forwarded emails and alerts that your systems produce on a daily basis. Automation and the effective use of AI can help your organization fight against threats and burnout.
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Breaking Down AI-Powered Phishing Incident Response

Incident response  requires a thorough diagramming of key steps, including preparation and planning for inevitable incidents, detection, analysis, remediation and recovery, and any post-incident activities. Let’s look at an example of how the IRONSCALES’ platform handles these key processes:
Circular life cycle of threats
Identify Threats
Human and machine controls work collaboratively to increase the speed and accuracy of incident analysis and threat intelligence automatically – or at the click of a button.
Verify Threats
The system triages the threat severity and orchestrates a comprehensive phishing forensic examination of any suspicious email using forensic analysis.
Investigate Issues
Security teams have real-time visibility into practically everything they need in order to make a quick verdict, including - the number of reports for the incident, affected mailboxes with similar emails, full sender details and fingerprint, and complete body text among others.
If a clear Indication of Compromise is returned for any email, link or attachment, the platform removes the email and all similar instances in seconds across the entire tenant.

Deploy Automated Phishing
Prevention and Response

The immediacy and criticality of phishing threats means you need solutions that work right now. The IRONSCALES platform is fast to deploy, fast to find, fast to solve, and fast to report. Setup takes minutes, and even large-scale enterprises with thousands of users in multiple locations can hit the ground running in less than an hour.

IRONSCALES provides the first and only truly automated email phishing investigation, orchestration and response capabilities to detect suspicious emails in just seconds. Backed by a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, we also empower your security teams to find and fix phishing threats before they have a chance to do any damage. Request a demo today.

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