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How Email Fraud Affects

Email Security & The End User

We couldn’t figure out how to leverage the user to our benefit.
--CISO, Energy & Resource Management
When it comes to comprehensive and evolving protection against email phishing, the user experience is broken. On average, phishing emails lure users to click in less than 80 seconds, so time is of the essence. Yet, users are busy and distracted with their own work, and often lack proper awareness, expertise and training to be an effective part of the solution.

Email Security and Security & IT Professionals

My day gets consumed in 30-minute blocks as I try to get to one incident after another.
–- Security Analyst, Healthcare
With traditional SEGs and point solutions such as DMARC + manual scripts and tools, CISOs and SOC teams lack the tools and intelligence to identify and respond to more advanced phishing threats. Often there is not enough orchestration across the enterprise, much less with others outside the organization. And too many “solutions” over promise. With issues around niche skills, turnover and budget you need anti-phishing solutions that work now.

Email Security & Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

It’s hard for other vendors to aggregate and see incidents as ONE attack ...but that’s critical for MSPs.
--VP of Product Strategy, VAR
Security is a big issue for MSPs, which serve support thousands of businesses at a time. MSPs need to see if and how multiple incidents across customers are related, so they can respond and remediate in real time, at scale. They also need solutions that are fast and simple to implement.

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