By Eyal Benishti
on May 09, 2018
As email phishing grows more sophisticated and remains a primary attack vector for data breaches, many security providers are attempting to step up their solutions to better mitigate risk. Microsoft ...
By Eyal Benishti
on April 26, 2018
In April [2018], the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published its Active Cyber Defence (ACD) Programme which urged companies to employ the Domain-based message authentication, reporting ...
By Eyal Benishti
on April 12, 2018
Business Email Compromise attacks (BECs) have been causing organizations problems for years, with the problem getting worse. The reason they’re so difficult to deflect is that, unlike typical email ...
By Eyal Benishti
on April 04, 2018
The origins of fraud date back to the ancient Greek and Roman empires, when savvy merchants cooked up schemes to borrow money from lenders only to avoid paying back their debts. Fast-forward ...
By Eyal Benishti
on March 21, 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been heralded by many as a revolutionary technology that is going to replace humans - eventually. While that may be a while away yet, in the cybersecurity industry ...
By Eyal Benishti
on March 12, 2018
The Rise of Business Email Compromise (BEC): Did you know that, according to Aberdeen, within 80 seconds of a phishing message arriving in an organization, someone has interacted with the message, ...
By Eyal Benishti
on February 21, 2018
What’s Next for Phishing Awareness Training Providers? Advanced Phishing Threat Protection with IRONSCALES
By Eyal Benishti
on February 08, 2018
Phishing Awareness Training Solutions Phishing Awareness Training focused solutions are not aligned with today’s advanced persistent threats, business email compromise and ransomware attacks that ...
By Eyal Benishti
on February 06, 2018
As ransomware ran amock last year we take a retrospective look at what actually transpired At the start of 2017, many had already designated 2016 as the ‘year of ransomware,’ and with good reason. ...
By Eyal Benishti
on January 30, 2018
Netflix is quickly becoming a popular brand for fraudsters to spoof in phishing campaigns. Neflix has been impersonated by criminals in the last 12 months in various, increasingly sophisticated, ...

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