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The volume and sophistication of email threats has reached unprecedented levels in recent years. Verizon reported nearly 4,000 confirmed breaches in the past year, connecting more than 90% of incidents to phishing emails. Enterprises must adapt to modern challenges, like Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and ransomware, but the truth is most companies have woefully inadequate email security measures. If you're worried about falling behind, then see how IRONSCALES advanced threat protection (ATP) solutions can get you up to speed.

Our Advanced Threat Protection Tools
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There's no silver bullet against today's highly targeted, technologically advanced phishing attacks, which are designed to circumvent legacy solutions like DMARC and Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). While it's important to remain vigilant against the usual threats (trojans, spyware, "obvious" phishing emails), it's also critical to address advanced new threats like BEC, fraudulent URLs for credential phishing, ransomware, and various forms of zero-day and polymorphic attacks. So what does a modern approach to email security look like?

We think the answer is a multi-layered, self-learning email security platform that addresses both the human and technical weaknesses in your perimeter. With that in mind, we built the IRONSCALES platform to protect businesses against a comprehensive array of advanced phishing tactics and attack vectors. Whether you're connecting with thousands of security professionals to create and leverage democratized threat intelligence, or using advanced Al to detect slight deviations in email language, employee behavior, and deceptive landing pages, IRONSCALES pushes the boundaries of what's possible in email security. Our solutions for advanced threat protection include:

Business Email Compromise Protection

These calculated attacks use social engineering to avoid traditional, signature-based defenses. BEC attackers pose as high-level managers and executives, convincing employees to wire money to fraudulent accounts or share sensitive data. And there are many variations on this theme: Spear phishing, whaling, and CEO fraud all fall under this umbrella term.

To combat this advanced threat, our self-learning Al analyzes your employees' communication history, behavior, and metadata. Natural Language Processing then allows us to weed out typical BEC messaging automatically. As a second net we provide contextual banner alerts in your employees' inboxes to enable them to see and report attacks - even emerging zero-day threats - immediately. Learn more about detecting this advanced form of fraud and see how IRONSCALES is fighting BEC.


Real-Time URL & Malware Protection

While the concept of malware is not new, the latest iterations of it can be highlighly effective. With more than 350,000 variants being introduced every day, traditional URL scanners that rely on known signatures are rendered ineffective. And attackers often use deceptive landing pages designed to prey on humans' natural tendency to miss minor visual deviations, so both your human and technical defenses are vulnerable to this tactic.

Advanced threats require advanced solutions. That's why IRONSCALES uses computer vision and neural networks to conduct real-time scans of every suspicious link, looking for visual anomalies to detect and block fake landing pages that the human eye is likely to miss. Learn more about how IRONSCALES is constantly innovating and evolving to protect businesses from malicious URLS and advanced malware threats.


Get Advanced Email Threat Protection

Today's email threats come in many forms - most of which cannot be adequately accounted for and defended against by legacy email protections. This puts organizations at great financial risk, so don't wait until the damage is done to implement advanced email threat protection.

IRONSCALES offers a multi-dimensional platform with anomaly, spoofing, and impersonation detection to fight BEC, advanced URL and malware detection, and the democratized threat intelligence you need to tackle modern email threats. And these tools easily integrate with all major email platforms, including Office 365, Exchange, and G-Suite, so you can minimize set-up and maximize protection. Start your risk-free trial today, and see the difference for yourself.