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Stop BEC Attacks and Identify Threats
                with Free Phishing Tools
Stop BEC Attacks and Identify Threats with Free Phishing Tools

IRONSCALES free phishing tools protect your organization and help you understand and recognize security threats. Many phishing attack vectors begin as socially engineered plots and business email compromise (BEC) attacks that bypass security defenses to expose sensitive information. Even the savviest computer users are susceptible to these attacks, such as email impersonations, malicious attachments, or even fake log-in pages.

Companies are losing billions of dollars a year as phishing attacks escalate and become more sophisticated. Because these phishing attacks are easy to execute — requiring nothing more than downloading user-friendly tools off the dark web — more and more of these threats keep emerging.

Human error is a constant threat to your organization. The IRONSCALES platform's free tools provide both real-time analysis and a comprehensive technical examination of your phishing weaknesses before attackers do, protecting your employees and safeguarding your organization.

Free Advanced Threat Protection Phishing Tools from IRONSCALES
IRONSCALES offers a few free phishing tools to help you understand security gaps and protect your organization. Leveraging these free tools exposes invisible threats and lets you get a taste of the power of IRONSCALES in action.

Free Phishing URL Scanner

Attackers often create fake URLs with log-in pages to gain sensitive information. According to Microsoft, one of the most common attack techniques used by nation-state actors in the past year are reconnaissance, credential harvesting malware and VPN exploits.

The Free URL Scanner lets you scan and assess up to 10 URLs a day. Eliminate credential theft and detect fake log-in pages quickly leveraging our proprietary computer vision technology and neural networks that don't rely on signatures or code. This tool is just one feature set of IRONSCALES advanced URL/malware protection capabilities.

Free Phishing URL Scanner
Free Phishing Emulation Test

Free Phishing Emulation Test

Continually testing your security perimeter for weakness is essential if you want to stay ahead of attackers. IRONSCALES Phishing Emulator exposes weak points in your email security infrastructure by emulating BEC attacks. IRONSCALES emulator provides the most realistic emulations simulation of phishing attacks using real-world attack scenarios taken straight from the wild such as malicious links, fake log-in pages, and impersonation attacks. And it's all done in near real-time.

Plus, you can generate a report disclosing which threats bypassed your security. Find out how exposed you are in three easy steps, all in a safe environment.

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These free tools are only some of the capabilities IRONSCALES offers. Discover the IRONSCALES complete anti-phishing email security platform with a free 14-day trial. Get access to the most comprehensive anti-phishing platform on the market now!
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