Advanced Malware
And URL/Link Protection

IronShield is a cloud-based email protection module that helps defend organizations from zero-day malware, credential theft, account takeover and phishing websites in real-time. Using state of the art computer vision, sandbox and malicious URL/link detection, IronShield adds another layer of advanced phishing security to the IRONSCALES platform by safeguarding users from malicious inbound emails.

Key Enterprise Email Security Benefits
for your Organization

email content scanning of links and attachments
Best of breed
sandbox and multi-AV engines
detection with advanced deep learning algorithms and computer vision
native architecture

Continuous Inbound Protection

IronShield automates malicious URL and attachment detection and remediation on all inbound emails using external trusted sources with various sandboxing and multi AV capabilities. If a suspicious email is identified, it is sent to a third-party. If it comes back as malicious, it is flagged, and the response is automated.

IronShield also utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms and computer vision to detect in real-time visual deviations and determine whether or not a login page is legitimate.

Why IronShield Advanced Malware Protection?

Continuous inspection of links & attachments
Compliments other SEGs – no need to replace
Seamless deployment & low maintenance
Non-blocking solution – no MX records changes required

Advanced Malware & Link Protection Features

Credential Theft Protection

Using advanced deep learning algorithms and computer vision to automatically block access to malicious URLs.
Zero-day Malware Protection

Continuous inbound protection against malicious links and attachments using multi-AV and sandbox solutions.

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