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Phishing attacks are the biggest cyber security threat your customers are facing today. The IRONSCALES powerfully simple email security platform is the perfect addition to your MSSP solution portfolio. Our self-learning, AI-driven email security platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats like BEC, credential harvesting, account takeover and more in your customers’ mailboxes. Fast!!

What's in it for your customers?
Protection against advanced phishing attacks (BEC, ATO and more)
Fast onboarding – start seeing value immediately
Reduced security team workload
Coverage for multiple email platforms (O365, Gmail, Exchange)
Integrated security awareness training
Mobile app provides single-click incident resolution
Inclusion into the IRONSCALES Community
Multi-lingual support
90-day scanback of all O365 mailboxes
On-demand simulated phishing campaigns
“IRONSCALES...outperforms competing products for the sheer breadth of coordinated coverage ... threat analysis, mitigation, remediation, and intelligence gathering, at the click of a button.”
- Frost & Sullivan
What’s in it for you?
Multi-tenant deployment
Short sales cycles w/ easy access to POCs and Demos
Bulk pricing
Flexible billing
White labeling
Initial and ongoing training & support
Self-provisioned licenses
Deal registration
Numerous SIEM/SOAR integrations
Marketing content and campaign support/ SPIFF opportunities
“IRONSCALES’ comprehensive artificial-intelligence phishing protection is aligned with our Dark Rhino promise on delivering value through innovation, so this partnership is a big win for us and our customers.”
- Kevin Casey, CEO of Dark Rhino Security
“I didn’t think that a solution this effective and powerful could be implemented this quickly. We started with several 10s of users, and now we’re actively protecting more than 36,000, just like that. If you have any doubts that something like this can be done smoothly, don’t. Just let IRONSCALES help you.”
- Ivan Milenkovic, Group Information Security Director at Webhelp

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