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Joint Solution Offering

As part of the collaboration, IRONSCALES will license NINJIO’S full library of award-winning micro-learning phishing simulation videos, thereby expanding the premium content available to users of IronSchool, the company’s phishing attack simulation and awareness training module. For IRONSCALES, the partnership enables the company to remain focused on persistent innovation of its advanced phishing threat protection platform while continuing to offer its users phishing awareness training content that is proven to keep viewers engaged and retentive.


NINJIO is a Security Awareness Solution that produces 3-4-minute long animated episodes that educate users on current cyber security threats. NINJIO Episodes are written by a Hollywood story teller, are based on or inspired by significant breaches suffered by real organizations and focus on a single attack vector per episode. The episodes are written with the intention of emotionally engaging the viewer in the first scene of every episode and keeping them engaged until the end. This creates a strong memory that leads to a high level of retention, resulting in less breaches. NINJIO is a privately held company.


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