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What Do You Know About Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attacks come in many varieties and can be very customized and targeted. You need solutions that can keep up with a constantly shifting threat landscape.

Email phishing attacks are more than doubling year over year.

Email is the easiest channel to attack, and phishing presents a growing threat that can cost enterprises in time, money, and reputation:
10% of incidents are likely to cost over $37M/year from a single incident.
-- Verizon DBIR 2018(breach likelihood), and Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach 2018(breach impact)

Phishing has evolved to new threat types: known, signature-based attacks are the “easy stuff”.

What’s most threatening today are advanced email attacks, which are unknown and not signature-based.
The most sophisticated attackers are already implementing polymorphic phishing email attacks that undergo hundreds of permutations to evade traditional technical — and human — defenses.

Organizations struggle to stay aware of the latest threats and their options to identify and stop them.

It’s imperative that targets really understand the type and nature of individual threats and incidents. Too often incident response is understaffed or spread across multiple functions. Defenders must protect and respond more quickly than the attacker timeline — as well as faster than their own users.
So, how comfortable are you that your organization has control over advanced phishing attacks?
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The median time to click on malicious emails is roughly 2 minutes.
But the mean time to respond is more than 3 hours.