Email Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response – E-SOAR

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It takes less than 80 seconds until the first click is lured!

While a phishing-informed workforce & legacy email security tools can identify some suspicious emails, SOC teams are too overburdened by the volume of daily security threats to quickly investigate all reports, allowing malicious emails to lie idle in inboxes for far too long.

That’s why cybersecurity teams need email security that combines machine learning with SOAR technology to identify suspicious emails and expedite forensics and automatic response.

Download this whitepaper on email security, orchestration, automation and response to learn:

  • The top 4 benefits of E-SOAR
  • The top challenges today’s SOC teams face – and how E-SOAR overcomes them
  • How automation and orchestration provide a framework for organizing, flagging and analyzing the growing number of phishing attacks
  • Why IronTraps is the leader in E-SOAR security
of security pros
said the time to detect phishing messages was their greatest challenge.
Automated detection & real-time response can reduce email phishing risk
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“Organizations of all sizes are failing to detect and respond to malicious emails delivered to employee inboxes in a timely manner. In today’s phishing threat landscape, security and risk management leaders need automated email phishing protection and incident response capabilities.”