A 3-Pronged
Anti Phishing Strategy
For The Modern Email
Threat Landscape:

Modern phishing techniques are meticulously designed to defeat traditional email security tools.

Business email compromise (BEC), ransomware, spear-phishing and advanced persistent threats (APTs) demand an advanced anti phishing approach.
Download This Whitepaper To Learn How IRONSCALES’ Anti Phishing Platform:
  • Addresses and prevents the contemporary techniques of phishers
  • Closes the gap between end-users and technology by creating a human-centric feedback loop
  • Combines automation, orchestration, rapid response and repeatable workflows to reduce SOC workload
  • Decentralizes intelligence by anonymously leveraging user-led email threat sharing of emerging phishing campaigns.
Email Phishing Remains the Most Commonly Exploited Attack Vector:
phishing emails are received by individuals monthly
million phishing emails are sent daily
of email phishing attacks are highly-targeted campaigns
“A best practice of email security is to always assume one control will always fail and that another is prepared to cover for it. IRONSCALES has developed the world’s first multi-layered anti-phishing platform to automatically prevent, detect and respond rapidly to today’s advanced phishing threats.”
  • Enterprise Email Security Solution of the Year award for the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards
  • Forbes list of 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch in 2018
  • Named Top Innovator in Markets and Markets Spear Phishing Market Report
  • Themis Named by CRN as a Hot Cybersecurity Product Announced At Black Hat
  • Citi & Microsoft accelerator participants
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