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The Phishing Training Challenge

While phishing awareness training is common, many businesses are not investing in advanced phishing protection education to help employees identify and mitigate more complex threats such as socially engineered attacks and business email compromise. The right anti-phishing awareness training should be personalized to make learning about phishing quick, easy to remember and fun.

The Solution to Improved Phishing Training

We make simulations and user training for phishing detection more fun and engaging for improved user participation and results. Unlike the traditional one-size-fits all approach, we start with an initial employee assessment to benchmark individual users’ phishing recognition skills. Follow-on training campaigns use short, staged, real-world phishing attacks to improve the employees’ awareness of malicious email messages. Users then “graduate” to higher levels of proficiency based on performance.

How IRONSCALES Phishing Training Works

  • Reduces phishing click rates through continuous assessment and training
  • Increases detection rates and reduces detection times
  • Measures the impact of training ongoing
  • Identifies leaders and laggards in reporting and you can see who is most targeted
  • Leverages human awareness to report suspicious emails missed by technical controls
  • Tailors training campaigns to any level of employee by function, geo, role, etc.
  • Trains each employee to think and act as a security team member, based on how they work
  • Accesses NINJIO’S full library of award-winning micro-learning phishing simulation videos
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