Anti-Phishing Awards

1/4 Phishing Emails Bypass Secure Email Gateways

IRONSCALES utilizes mailbox-level anomaly detection to analyze employees mailbox behavior to protect against hyper-targeted phishing attacks.

A Multi-Layered Approach to Mitigate Phishing

With IRONSCALES, organizations reduce technological, operational and human risk through multi-layered and integrated machine learning technologies that provide:



Smart Real-Time Email Scanning with Cloud Native Support (Inc. Multi AV, Sandbox, CDR)
phishing awareness


Advanced simulation and experiential learning to reduce click rates
phishing training


Combine human & machine learning at the mailbox level
anti phishing software


Analysis, Mitigation, Remediation & Forensics automatically or single click


Share zero-day phishing attacks instantly and automatically between companies

The Fastest Detection to Response

IRONSCALES Expedites Organizations Email Phishing Detection and Remediation:
phishing awareness
Less than 60 seconds*
55% of attacks were discovered
5 min result*
75% of attacks were discovered and remediated in less than 5 minutes
* This data was taken from The IRONSCALES 2017 Global Phishing Trend Report

What’s in it for you?

Fast & effective detection & remediation
Malicious emails sit in employees’ inboxes for far too long, as targeted phishing attacks easily bypass filters and traditional defenses while security teams are overburdened and lack an automated response.
Empower employees
with smarter tools
Employees lack the skills, focus and tools to regularly detect phishing emails. Awareness & training is simply not enough. Sender information and reputation must be augmented into the email client experience to aid users' decisions and to stop fraud and business email compromise.
Proactively defend
your organization
A lack of real-time phishing intelligence sharing between companies means they are consistently operating in defense mode. Benefit from real-time cross-organization phishing intelligence sharing that can be acted upon automatically

Our Products

The IRONSCALES email phishing defense suite is comprised of four fully integrated and award-winning products:
IronTraps proved to be invaluable in mitigating a recent email phishing attack on our company. The ability of the system to allow for both an automatic response when employee reporting reaches the threshold, as well as a one-click response by our SOC team, makes it a robust solution for malware attacks.
Rami W, CISO of a leading Israeli security company

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