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Hunt Phishing Threats <br class="irn-hide-xl"> with Real Teams,  <br class="irn-hide-xl"> in Real-Time
Advanced Threat Protection

Hunt Phishing Threats
with Real Teams,
in Real-Time

Crowdsource the best threat detection
from global security teams.
Hunt Phishing Threats <br class="irn-hide-xl"> with Real Teams,  <br class="irn-hide-xl"> in Real-Time

The Threat Intelligence Challenge:
Phishing attacks are morphing at scale

Phishing threats change and evolve constantly. You can’t fight an exponential threat with a linear approach. If you can only identify the ones your employees receive and your organization has seen, you’re way behind the curve. But you’re not alone – most organizations face these challenges:

  • Lack of personnel and threat detection resources
  • Outdated or inaccurate phishing intelligence feeds
  • Limiting threat intelligence and collaboration to the four walls of your organization

IRONSCALES automates the inclusion of threat intelligence and decision-making from all of the platform’s worldwide users, including some of the world’s top security experts and SOCs. Instead of limited, intra-organizational phishing intelligence and collaboration, you gain access to a global community of virtual analysts – in real-time.

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How Can You Minimize Phishing Threats With Advanced Detection and Collaboration?

Polymorphic phishing techniques force security analysts to detect the same threat repeatedly, increasing the number of required detections more than 100 times. While manual interventions may stop some email threats, they’re far too time-consuming to be effective at scale. A decentralized approach, on the other hand, incorporates global phishing threat detection and collaboration based on threats identified by other users and organizations.

Being able to see what incidents other security teams are classifying and remediating in real-time, you can stay ahead of emerging threats and continuously deliver better email security at scale.

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How IRONSCALES Automated Phishing Prevention Leveraging Collaboration Works

Our platform takes advantage of federated decision-making from all the platform’s users, giving you an entire virtual analyst community for real-time, actionable threat intelligence from IRONSCALES private community of top security experts and SOCs. This ongoing level and depth of intelligence enables organizations and users to get ahead of the game against emerging threats.

The IRONSCALES Platform:
  • Leverages the skills/experience of more security professionals than any other solution
  • Receives and federates ongoing incident updates from all security users within the platform anonymously
  • Syncs alerts with other solutions on the platform to automate detection and remediation
How IRONSCALES Automated Phishing Prevention Leveraging Collaboration Works

Why Choose IRONSCALES Over Phishing Intelligence Vendors?

The global community of IT security analysts has more up-to-date security data and threat intelligence than any security vendor does. The IRONSCALES platform gives power to the people—your business’s security analysts—enabling them to cut out the legacy email security vendor as the middleman. The platform spreads real-time intelligence among analysts exponentially in a democratized, distributed manner, removing delays, scaling threat detection and remediation, and defusing malicious email campaigns.

Compared To Phishing Threat Intelligence Vendors, Our Platform:
  • Delivers actionable and automated real-time threat intelligence
  • Gives access to 1000's of real-time security analysts within the IRONSCALES platform
  • Proactively identifies and defends against emerging threats faster thanks to global collaboration
Why Choose IRONSCALES Over Phishing Intelligence Vendors?
Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
that’s the ticket.
CISO -- Global Financial Services firm
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