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The Challenge of Advanced Phishing Threat Detection

Current commercially available email threat feeds intended to support phishing mitigation are also outdated, inaccurate, require human analysis and contain too many false positives to be effective.  Efforts to combine the efforts of employees and security professional are still limited to the four walls of the organization. IRONSCALES changes all that.

The Solution to Advanced Phishing Threats

Our platform takes advantage of threat intelligence and decision-making from all the platform’s users, giving you an entire virtual analyst community for real-time, human verified, actionable threat intelligence from the world’s top security experts and SOCs. This ongoing level and depth of intelligence enables organizations and users to get ahead of the game against emerging threats.

How IRONSCALES Democratized Phishing Detection Works

  • Logs threats immediately, cross referenced anonymously across the entire community
  • Leverages the skills/experience of more security professionals than any other solutions
  • Receives ongoing incident updates from all SOC users within the platform
  • Reduces time and effort while increasing speed and accuracy of threat detection
  • Relies on human-verified phishing intelligence to reduce false positives
  • Syncs alerts with other tools on the platform to automate detection and remediation
Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
that’s the ticket.
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