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Fight Back Against
Email Security Threats


In a world where email threats are evolving at an exponential rate, how resilient are your anti-phishing measures? IRONSCALES helps enterprises stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive, multi-layered email security solutions.

Email Threats: A Constantly Evolving Risk For Your Business

As the foundation of modern business communications, email provides potential attackers with the largest avenue into your organization. In fact, Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 90% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. This means bad actors are very motivated to move past the simple spam emails of yesteryear, focusing instead on sophisticated tactics like spear phishing, polymorphic attacks, and emerging zero-day attacks. Common email threats include:


Business Email Compromise / CEO Fraud:
Emails that convince employees to wire money to fraudulent accounts or share protected information with attackers who are impersonating high-level executives.


Credential Theft:
The first stage of a credential-based attack, this involves phishers stealing employees’ identifying credentials – either through email or a fake landing page – to gain access to sensitive systems or data.


Account Takeover:
This form of online identity theft occurs when an attacker, typically using bots, gains illegitimate access to your e-commerce or financial accounts.


Malware & Ransomware:
These attacks involve phishing emails with malicious attachments that, once downloaded, either give attackers a door into your systems or lock down critical systems until a ransom is paid.

Brand Forgery / Domain Spoofing:
By using malicious emails or fake landing pages that appear to be from a reputable organization, attackers convince users to provide sensitive personal or financial information.

These days, it’s not enough to rely on solutions that only address part of the problem. And stringing together a patchwork of individual solutions can be costly and time-consuming. To address this multi-layered problem, we built IRONSCALES to provide a multi-layered solution that combats new and existing threats in a comprehensive manner.


How Can You Improve Email Security & Tackle Phishing Threats?

We know how quickly email threats can mutate and change in order to bypass common security measures and exploit new attack vectors. Our self-learning platform is focused on the entire spectrum of email security – from assessment and prevention to protection and remediation – in order to protect your business against phishing threats in real time.

Threat Assessment

You can’t improve your security posture without understanding its current weaknesses. IRONSCALES can help you test both employees and technical defenses, so you can find and fill critical gaps in your perimeter.


Advanced Email Threat Protection

Secure your organization against advanced threats such as zero-day attacks, business email compromise, and deceptive phishing websites with our AI-powered anomaly detection.

Threat Intelligence & Collaboration

With a collaborative and democratized approach to threat intelligence, our platform ensures your organization is equipped with the latest data and information. In the fight against phishing, accurate and timely intel is one of your best weapons.


Threat Remediation

Responding to email security threats at speed and scale requires an automated approach, but many organizations fall into a reactive and manual mindset. IRONSCALES helps you resolve threats automatically, at scale, and company wide. Once they've been identified, every other instance of the same attack will be blocked for good.


Modernize Your Email Threat Prevention

IRONSCALES offers security professionals and end users an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today.

Using our decentralized threat protection network, our platform helps you prevent, detect and remediate phishing attacks in a matter of minutes – not hours. We give organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing protection against any type of phishing attack, right now.