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IRONSCALES Values-based Approach to Governance

IRONSCALES’s approach to governance is grounded in the belief that people are created with intrinsic dignity, value, and worth. As such, IRONSCALES strives to foster an inclusive workplace that treats people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, and cultures with respect and dignity. We also believe that as a corporation, we have the privilege to responsibly steward the resources of our environment.  

Since IRONSCALES’s approach to governance is grounded in our values, we consider many factors, including environmental, social, and governance factors, which of course overlap with the tenants of ESG. Although ESG has been on the rise for a number of years, there is as yet no single defining approach nor governing body that determines which policies are or are not ESG. We invite customers, employees, vendors, and investors to explore our values and processes, and join us in our pursuit of standards that advance safer cybersecurity for the world.  

This policy outlines our commitment to responsible environmental practices, treating all people with dignity and respect (social), and implementing responsible governance practices.  

Environmental Sustainability: We understand that the people and processes within our organization have the opportunity to serve as stewards of the environment. We will strive to maximize our environmental stewardship by: 

  • Ensuring energy-efficient use of equipment and infrastructure 
  • Promote recycling and reuse of materials where possible 
  • Renting/leasing building space in environmentally conscious buildings 
  • Implementing eco-friendly practices in our facilities 
  • Procuring equipment and products from sustainable sources. 

Social Responsibility: We are committed to social good and will work towards fostering a positive impact on our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and the broader community. We will seek to: 

  • Respect the value and freedom of all people 
  • Promote equality across our diverse IRONSCALES employee base 
  • Treat people with dignity and respect 
  • Demonstrate a concern for justice and peace 
  • Promote family, freedom to live out faith, and community 
  • Respect human rights and promote ethical labor practices 
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment 
  • Encourage employee volunteerism and community involvement. 

Governance Practices: We recognize the importance of strong governance practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. We will: 

  • Exhibit responsible management practices,  
  • Deal fairly with employees, communities, competitors, partners, customers, and suppliers 
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards 
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity 
  • Seek to promote products and suppliers that improve the lives of people, including those of IRONSCALES customers and employees
  • Foster transparency in our decision-making processes and communications 
  • Engage with our stakeholders on important issues related to our business 
  • Seek to promote products and suppliers that improve the lives of people, including those of IRONSCALES customers and employees

Conclusion: We will regularly review and update this policy to ensure that it remains relevant and aligned with our business strategy and values. We believe that our values-based commitment will enable us to better serve our customers, attract and retain top talent, create long-term value for our stakeholders, and leave the world a better place than we found it. IRONSCALES was founded on the goal of protecting organizations from malicious actors that seek to disrupt, steal, and destroy through phishing. After all, our IRONSCALES mission is to provide a powerfully simple messaging security platform to keep our customers #SaferTogether.