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How It Works

Say goodbye to Phishing, BEC, and QR code attacks. Our Adaptive AI automatically learns and evolves to keep your employees safe from email attacks.
How It Works Hero Illustration

Precision Integration.
Streamlined Security.


3-Click Setup

Deploy in minutes with just 3-Clicks for native API integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. 

Inbox Protection

Our inbox-level integration provides continuous monitoring and protection.

Works with Your Stack

Seamlessly integrate with your stack, including SIEM, SOAR, XDR, EDR systems to enhance your incident response workflows.


Learn. Detect. Remediate.


Dynamic Self-Learning

Our AI builds a detailed social graph through NLP and NLU, laying out a baseline of every employee’s normal communication patterns.

Continuous Threat Protection

With a baseline and social graph in place, our Adaptive AI provides real-time reputation, content, and behavioral analysis to detect malicious threats, including never-seen-before attacks.

Automated Remediation

Our platform redefines incident response with AI-Powered MSOAR-intelligent automation tailored to your security preferences. It automatically classifies, clusters, and remediates threats detected by our machine learning models and user-reported emails, slashing remediation time and enhancing your security posture.


Share. Train. Empower.


Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence 

Our crowd sourced threat intelligence network, comprising over 25,000 threat hunters across 13,000 global organizations, enriches our AI and ML models with real-time data on emerging attacks. This extensive network amplifies our capability to identify threats across all protected inboxes.

Integrated Training

Our platform incorporates GPT-powered phishing simulation testing and security awareness training (SAT) modules that use AI to automate tailored  simulations for employees most susceptible to attacks based on their targeted threat history.

Empowering Employees

We enable your employees with tools like dynamic warning banners and a report phishing button with an AI-powered Copilot for additional guidance and training.

Case Studies

"The ability to provide real-time feedback on both positive and negative performance has proven very effective. It’s a wake-up call for our employees.”

Best Email Security Solution On The Market

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.