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Business Email Compromise Protection

Block Advanced BEC Attacks

Get real-time protection against BEC attacks like CEO fraud, supply chain attacks, and invoice fraud.

Business Email Compromise Protection


Business Email Compromise attacks strike at the heart of your organization, carrying severe implications:

  • Financial Fallout—BEC schemes often result in direct monetary loss through fraudulent financial transactions, substantial enough to destabilize business operations.
  • Data Exposure—These sophisticated attacks can expose sensitive customer information or proprietary business data to unauthorized entities.
  • Reputational Damage—The trust your business has built can quickly erode following a BEC incident, impacting customer confidence and your brand image.


Effectively combating BEC attacks requires overcoming many challenges:

  • Deceptive Communications—BEC attacks typically lack malicious payloads, relying instead on sophisticated social engineering to manipulate employees into unauthorized actions, such as redirecting payments or revealing sensitive information.
  • Automation and Scale—Attackers leverage automation tools to scale their efforts, increasing the complexity and volume of attacks without relying on detectable malicious links or attachments.
  • Investigative Overhead—Identifying and responding to BEC attacks requires extensive manual investigation, making it a resource-intensive process for strained IT security teams.


Seamless integration of behavioral analysis and authentication to detect the subtlest cues of BEC attacks.

  • User Insight Profiling—Leveraging Natural Language Processing and social graphs, we create a communication baseline for each of your employees.
  • Behavioral Pattern Mapping—Our platform uses user baselines to identify email anomalies based on content and intent in real-time.
  • Reputation and Authentication–Alongside behavioral analysis, we enhance detection accuracy with rigorous email and domain address authentication checks and reputation data analysis.


We don’t just detect and block BEC attacks, we ensure every variant is eliminated in your environment.

  • Email Clustering & Incident Response—Once a threat is detected by our machine learning models, our AI-powered MSOAR steps in to cluster similar incidents, initiating an automated yet nuanced remediation process.
  • Customizable Automation Controls—Our platform excels in full automation but also values human discretion. You can adjust the automation level to your comfort, ranging from fully-automated remediation to one incorporating your personalized expertise.
  • Empowered User Reporting—When employees flag suspicious emails, our platform re-analyzes them based on the reporter's awareness level. Automated actions like adding warning banners or global quarantining follow customizable settings. Our streamlined manual review resolves issues typically in under 30 seconds.


The Industry’s Only Email Security Platform Unifying AI and Human Insights

Our API-based platform creates a baseline and social graph so our Adaptive AI can provide real-time reputation, content, and behavioral analysis to detect any malicious threat.

Protect Better

Block advanced phishing and BEC attacks (and never seen before threats) with our Adaptive AI.

Simplify Operations

Slash the time your team spends remediating email incidents from 30 minutes per incident to 30 seconds.

Empower Your Org

Triple the email security awareness of your workforce. Transform employees into a crucial line of phishing defense with integrated phishing simulation testing and security awareness training.

“Just yesterday, a vendor’s account was breached and they were sending us phishing emails. Luckily IRONSCALES caught them.”
Mike Shorts IT Manager, Allegheny Millwork

Stop Email Attacks.

Dead In Their Tracks.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.