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Phishing Simulation Testing

Test, Train, Triumph.

Empower your employees with realistic phishing simulations and instant feedback to stay ahead of evolving threats.
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Phishing Simulation Testing


Falling victim to phishing attacks can have severe implications for an organization:

  • Data Breaches—Employees tricked by phishing emails can inadvertently disclose sensitive information, leading to significant data breaches.
  • Financial Loss—Phishing attacks can result in direct financial losses, costly incident responses, and significant fines and penalties for non-compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Reputational Damage—Incidents caused by phishing attacks can harm customer trust and damage the organization's reputation.


Implementing effective Phishing Simulation Testing involves overcoming several technical challenges:

  • Sophistication of Attacks—Creating realistic simulations that accurately mimic evolving phishing tactics is complex and resource-intensive.
  • Email Deliverability—Ensuring that simulation emails bypass spam filters without being flagged or blocked can be difficult.
  • Measuring Effectiveness—Accurately tracking and analyzing employee responses to simulations to identify vulnerabilities and improve training is essential but challenging.

Right People. Right Time. Right Phish. 

Deliver targeted and up-to-date phishing simulations to the people who need it most:

  • Smart Targeting—Send simulations to all employees, specific departments, executives, or frequently targeted individuals based on their role and risk profile.
  • Adaptive Content—Automatically send tailored simulations to employees who have never been tested or those who failed their last test.
  • Compliance Focused—Ensure simulations meet compliance and governance requirements, tailored to different awareness levels and histories.

Our intuitive platform makes launching phishing simulation campaigns straightforward and effective.

Realistic Phishing Templates & Landing Pages

Enhance your phishing simulations with our extensive library of over 100 templates:

  • Diverse Topics—Explore templates across various themes and departments, regularly updated to reflect real-world phishing trends.
  • GPT-Powered Spear Phishing—Use GenAI to create highly personalized spear phishing emails based on employee inbox insights, customizing sender, subject line, body, and CTA.
  • Customizable Landing Pages—Use pre-made or custom landing pages to provide instant feedback and education to employees who fall for simulations.

Empower your team with realistic and engaging phishing tests so they can spot emerging, never-seen-before email threats.


Track Engagement. Get Results.

Generate comprehensive reports with detailed stats, graphs, and results:

  • Executive-level Summaries—Access high-level overviews tailored for leadership.
  • Campaign Statistics—Dive deep into performance metrics, tracking who received, opened, clicked, or reported simulation emails.
  • Comprehensive Reporting—Monitor delivery, engagement, and completion by individual, department, or smart groups.

Gain actionable insights to enhance your security posture and make data-driven decisions.



The Industry’s Only Email Security Platform Unifying AI and Human Insights

Our API-based platform creates a baseline and social graph so our Adaptive AI can provide real-time reputation, content, and behavioral analysis to detect any malicious threat.

Protect Better

Block advanced phishing and BEC attacks (and never seen before threats) with our Adaptive AI.

Simplify Operations

Slash the time your team spends remediating email incidents from 30 minutes per incident to 30 seconds.

Empower Your Org

Triple the email security awareness of your workforce. Transform employees into a crucial line of phishing defense with integrated phishing simulation testing and security awareness training.

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“We’re currently building our phishing simulation campaigns in IRONSCALES and the simulations are very realistic—they don’t look botched at all. If you’re going to do simulation phishing, it has to be convincing and based on what I’ve seen, these will be.”
Brad Johnstone Head of ICT Services, Ayrshire College

Stop Email Attacks.

Dead In Their Tracks.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.