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SEG Augmentation

Supercharge Your SEG with IRONSCALES

Catch what your secure email gateway misses with our AI-driven email security and automated remediation


The Pitfalls of Legacy SEGs

Even the sharpest SEGs can't detect new and innovative attack methods, leaving your team in a constant risky game of cyber whack-a-mole.

Exposed Blind Spots

SEGs often struggle to detect and stop advanced cyber attacks. Once these threats breach the SEG defenses, they tend to remain undetected within the system, posing a continuous risk. 
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MX Record Hassles

SEGs typically require manual MX record changes to react against known threats, a process that is not only slow but reactive in nature. This approach can leave significant gaps in defense during the changeover period. 
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Exhaustive Hunt

Post-breach threat hunting with SEGs can be a time-intensive task, requiring manual effort to search and eliminate threats throughout the environment. This process can drain resources and may not always be effective. 

Pick Up Where Your SEG Left Off

Augment your SEG with IRONSCALES for a powerful inbox-level email security solution that combines AI and human insights to catch what others miss.



Comprehensive Threat Detection 

Elevate your email security with pinpoint accuracy in detecting advanced phishing threats. Our platform continuously learns using Adaptive AI to identify behavioral anomalies and detect sophisticated email attacks.

Combining real-time human feedback with behavioral analysis, our platform ensures comprehensive protection against evolving threats, keeping your organization secure.



Slash Time Spent Chasing Threats

Our platform redefines incident response with intelligent automation tailored to your security preferences. Here's what sets our remediation process apart:

  • Smart Email Clustering and Incident Response—Once a threat is detected by our machine learning models, our AI-Powered MSOAR steps in to cluster similar incidents, initiating an automated remediation process.
  • Customizable Control Over Automation—While our platform thrives on full automation, we understand the value of human discretion. Administrators can tailor the level of automation to their comfort, from fully automated remediation, or one that incorporates your personalized expertise.
  • Empowered User Reporting—When employees flag suspicious emails, our platform instantly analyzes and resolves most within seconds. For cases requiring a closer look, our streamlined manual review kicks in, expertly resolving issues typically in under 1-minute.


Empower Your Employees

Our platform incorporates phishing simulation testing and security awareness training (SAT) modules that automatically tailor simulations to each employee's specific threat profile.

Leveraging advanced social graphs, these modules pinpoint individuals or departments most at risk—whether due to frequent targeting, past test failures, or lack of previous exposure.

We empower VIPs and frequently targeted employees with our GPT-powered spear phishing module, crafting highly realistic simulations that enhance their ability to identify and respond to socially engineered email attacks.


Case Studies

"The ability to provide real-time feedback on both positive and negative performance has proven very effective. It’s a wake-up call for our employees.”

Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.