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QR Code Attack Prevention

See Beyond The Pixels.
Block QR Phishing.

Quishing and image-based phishing attacks have surged by 415% in the last 12 months. With our multi-modal ML and Adaptive AI, you and your team are protected against these sophisticated threats.

QR Code Attack Prevention


Image-based and QR-code phishing attacks can severely impact your organization:

  • Financial Loss—These sophisticated attacks often result in unauthorized transactions and hefty incident response costs.
  • Data Breaches—Sensitive information can be exposed, leading to significant data breaches.
  • Reputational Damage—Trust built over years can erode quickly, harming customer confidence and your brand image.


Overcoming image-based and QR-code phishing attacks involves several hurdles:

  • Sophisticated Evasion—Embedded malicious content within images or QR codes often slips past traditional security measures.
  • High Volume—The rapid pace and sheer volume of these attacks can overwhelm security teams.
  • Human Vulnerability—Even well-trained employees can be deceived by convincing visuals and brand impersonations, making them prone to social engineering tactics.


We leverage advanced AI and multi-modal analysis to combat image-based and QR-code phishing attacks:

  • Multi-Modal Machine Learning—We counter image-based threats with AI that analyzes both visual and textual content.
  • Behavioral and Reputational Analysis—We utilize NLP and behavioral pattern analysis to detect anomalies and potential threats, enhancing precision.
  • Deep Image-Based Detection—We identify QR codes and hidden text in images to preemptively stop attacks.

Our unique multi-modal approach provides industry-leading detection and a rock-solid defense against image-based and QR-code phishing attacks.


We don’t just detect and block email attacks, we ensure every variant is immediately eliminated in your environment:

  • Email Clustering & Incident Response—When a quishing or image-based attack is identified, we don’t just block it, we automatically search, cluster, and remediate similar attacks across your environment.
  • Customizable Automation Controls—Our platform excels in full automation but also values human discretion. You can adjust the automation level to your comfort, ranging from fully automated remediation to one incorporating your personalized expertise.
  • Empowered User ReportingWhen employees flag suspicious emails, our platform re-analyzes them based on the reporter's awareness level. Automated actions like adding warning banners or global quarantining follow customizable settings. Our streamlined manual review resolves issues typically in under 30 seconds.


The Industry’s Only Email Security Platform Unifying AI and Human Insights

Our API-based platform creates a baseline and social graph so our Adaptive AI can provide real-time reputation, content, and behavioral analysis to detect any malicious email threat.

Protect Better

Block account takeover and BEC attacks (and never-seen-before threats) with our Adaptive AI machine learning, continuously updated by real-world user insights and a community of over 20,000 IRONSCALES threat hunters.

Simplify Operations

Slash the time your team spends remediating email incidents from 30 minutes per incident to 30 seconds.

Empower Your Org

Triple the email security awareness of your workforce. Transform employees into a crucial line of phishing defense with integrated phishing simulation testing and security awareness training.

“The integration of IRONSCALES has transformed our approach to email security. They rapidly developed a solution to intercept malicious QR codes, a game-changer during the pandemic. This capability alone has significantly enhanced our defensive strategies.”
Elliot Franklin Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Fortitude Re

Stop Email Attacks.

Dead In Their Tracks.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.