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Adaptive AI Email Security

AI-Driven Security. Proactive, Predictive, Powerful

Harness the power of Adaptive AI to transform your email security. Our self-learning platform offers an unparalleled balance of automated efficiency and critical oversight. Gain unmatched efficiency paired with transparency and control to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

Self-Learning to Define Normalcy

Through seamless API integration with Microsoft M365 and Google Workspace, our platform initiates its learning by immersing itself in the communication landscape of your organization.

  • Discovery of Key Elements—Armed with NLP, we systematically identify and categorize people, mailboxes, and groups, decoding the structure of your organization's communication.
  • Insights and Learning—Harnessing NLU, we then interpret the semantics and intent behind each interaction, translating raw data into insights for all communication patterns.
  • Baseline and Social Graph Construction—We consolidate our understanding to form a nuanced baseline of normal behavior and intricate social graphs for each user, utilizing NLP and NLU to refine our detection of the subtlest irregularities.
Continuous Threat Protection

Our platform harnesses Adaptive AI to continuously learn and evolve with emerging email attacks. This is how it works:

  • Real-Time Analysis—Our Semantic Analysis and Behavioral Pattern models conduct a thorough, real-time evaluation of every email, enabling our Adaptive AI to quickly identify, categorize, and flag potential threats.
  • Specialized ML Models—An array of ML models, including those for Sender Relationship Analysis, Entity and Keyword Reputation, and Computer Vision work in tandem to stop advanced phishing, spoofing, impersonation, BEC and image-based attacks.
  • Evolving Adaptive Defense—Our Adaptive AI is a proactive force, continuously refining its detection capabilities through a 'human-in-the-loop' approach. With nuanced insights from a global network of over 25,000+ security experts, our models stay ahead, quickly responding to evolving and emerging attacks.
Automated Remediation

Our platform redefines incident response with intelligent automation tailored to your security preferences.

Here's what sets our remediation process apart:

  • Smart Email Clustering and Incident Response—Once our machine learning models detect a threat, our AI-Powered MSOAR steps in to cluster similar incidents, initiating an automated remediation process.
  • Customizable Control Over Automation—While our platform thrives on full automation, we understand the value of human discretion. Administrators can tailor the level of automation to their comfort, from fully automated remediation, or one that incorporates your personalized expertise.
  • Empowered User Reporting—When employees flag suspicious emails, our platform instantly analyzes and resolves most within seconds. For cases requiring a closer look, our streamlined manual review kicks in, expertly resolving issues typically in under 1-minute.
"The AI that IRONSCALES uses is the most powerful in the phishing community. It takes a lot of the manpower out of our hands, and it does this 24/7. The fact that it removes malicious emails directly from the inboxes just shows the power behind it."
James Barnes Infrastructure Team Leader, Ayrshire College

Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.