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Expert Resources and Tools at Your Fingertips

Featured Resources of the Month

Check out our most popular resources to learn how you can strengthen your email security and stay ahead of growing threats.

Zero-Click Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability. What You Need to Know

Introduction of a newly identified vulnerability, CVE-2024-30103, in Microsoft Outlook.

Enterprise Insights: Image-Based and QR Code Phishing Attacks

Despite high confidence from security teams QR code attacks remain effective.

Unleashing AI in Email Security: Current Trends and Best Practices

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Chapter 9: Anti-phishing Tools

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How BEC Scams Are Costing Enterprises Billions of Dollars

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GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing

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Additional Resources

Browser our library of white papers, webinars, success stories, third-party industry reports, and more to learn tips to strengthen your email security and stay ahead of growing threats.
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Case Studies

"The ability to provide real-time feedback on both positive and negative performance has proven very effective. It’s a wake-up call for our employees.”

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