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Reduce Email Security Risk With
Multifaceted Threat Assessments

It's not enough to think that your current strategies and tools are providing the best protection against email threats. You need to know exactly where potential weaknesses exist. The IRONSCALES Platform provides comprehensive threat assessments - covering both the human and technical facets of email security - so you can quickly identify and resolve any gaps.

Leverage Threat Assessment Tools That
Test People AND Technology

Threat assessments help eliminate vulnerabilities by showing enterprises where the gaps exist. The more places you can look, the more secure you can be. Unfortunately, we often see organizations focus solely on humans as the "weakest link" in their security perimeter - all while undervaluing or ignoring tests of their technical systems. And those who do test their systems are likely to find that existing tools either lack effectiveness, like Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) tools that only test against outdated attacks, or exceed their organization's available resources, in the case of expensive, manually intensive strategies like penetration testing or red-team hacking.

It's important to stay within the limits of available resources and test both human and machine defenses with real-world, evolving phishing threats taken straight from the wild. With the IRONSCALES Platform's multi-tiered approach to email security and risk assessment, organizations can credibly identify and quickly resolve potential threats before they become real problems. Solutions include:

Leverage Threat Assessment Tools That Test People AND Technology
Phishing Emulation: Assess Email Security Technical Defenses Systems and Infrastructure

Phishing Emulation: Assess Email Security Technical Defenses Systems and Infrastructure

The IRONSCALES Phishing Emulator' lets security teams safely test their email defenses using real and current threats - including those that were effective against Secure Email Gateways and other security tools in the past few hours from multiple threat intelligence sources including our decentralized threat protection network made up from our global customer community of top security analysts. Having the ability to gain With real-time knowledge of the vulnerabilities in their email infrastructure, companies can now move quickly to close these gaps based on real-time phishing emulations.

In less than five minutes, Emulator can automatically run a comprehensive risk assessment, replaying suspicious phishing threats in a safe, pre-defined mailbox and then generating a full report of penetration gaps. And it goes beyond typical outdated BAS tools to test against modern, sophisticated phishing techniques like business email compromise, fake login pages, ransomware, and more.


Phishing Simulation: Assess User
Awareness and Preparedness

Phishing training and simulations are a great way to increase employee engagement with security initiatives while providing tangible, real-life scenarios to make them more conscious of phishing attacks. But not all tests are created equal. Generic phishing simulations might help you check a box for compliance, but they won't get your employees thinking like security pros.

Instead, we focus on making simulations and user training more fun, realistic, and engaging with features that include customized, gamified training campaigns, real-world simulations, and a premium training video library by Ninjio. These tools allow security teams to figure out what attacks could be most effective against your organization or which employees might need some extra attention to get up to speed. In fact, that's why we regularly run realistic phishing tests in our own organization using this same tool.

Phishing Simulation: Asses Awareness and Preparedness
The Fight Against Phishing Starts With
                                      an Accurate Threat Assessment

The Fight Against Phishing Starts With
an Accurate Threat Assessment

The best time to stop phishing emails is before they hit the mailbox, yet 25% of attacks get past existing defenses. If you don't have an accurate picture of your organization's email security, including human and technical defenses, then this statistic could spell bad news. Gaps in email security put you at a greater risk for phishing attacks that could cost millions of dollars.

The IRONSCALES Platform takes a multi-dimensional approach toward threat assessments to paint the most accurate picture possible. Then our Al-driven, self-learning email security platform can help you resolve these threats before they become a bigger problem. Using our decentralized threat protection network, our platform helps you prevent, detect and remediate phishing attacks in a matter of minutes, not hours.

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