IRONSCALES Email Security Plans

As a leader in anti-phishing email security solutions, we offer a range of plans to suit your
organization's needs and provide comprehensive protection against sophisticated phishing attacks.

Explore our email security plans below or contact us to discuss a customized solution that to fit
seamlessly into your current security stack.

Subscription Plans

Volume discount pricing is available for organizations with 500 mailboxes and above.

Starter Plan Pricing


FREE up to 500 mailboxes

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Enterprise Cloud Email Security

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Add a layer of advanced anti-phishing protection to your enterprise's security stack including BEC and account takeover protection. Volume discounts and custom licensing are available.

Government & Education Email Security

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We are proud to serve federal, state, and local governments as well as educational institutions. Customized pricing makes for the right-size protection of officials, faculty, and students.

Special rates are available for Government and Education organizations. Please contact us to request a quote.

For the protection of Microsoft Exchange® on-premises environments, please click here for more information.


Third-party training content packs

Add content packs from our third-party training content partners to your Email Protect or Complete Protect plan. Learn more here.


Email Security Plan Details

Email Protect™
Complete Protect™
Phishing Simulation Testing
Investigation Console
Phishing Incident Insights Dashboard
Report Phishing Button
One-Click Resolution
Mobile App for Security Admins
BEC Protection
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Ransomware Protection
Empty column value
Automated Inbound Email Scanning
Empty column value
Automated Incident Response
Empty column value
Inline Email Alert Banners
Empty column value
Fake Login Page Protection
Empty column value
Advanced Threat Protection / Sandbox
Empty column value
Crowdsourced SOC in Real-Time (Community)
Notifications on MS Teams & Slack
Empty column value
Account Takeover (ATO) Detection and Remediation
Empty column value
Empty column value
Collaboration Apps (MSFT Teams)
Empty column value
Empty column value
Security Awareness Training (SAT)
Empty column value
Empty column value
150+ Exclusive Training Videos
Empty column value
Empty column value
App API Support
Empty column value
Empty column value
Multi-tenant Support
Empty column value
Empty column value
With banners, warnings and intuitive self-management, it’s easy to prove that IRONSCALES is protecting our company. And it really is essential to have the visual tools that IRONSCALES provides to show our board and to easily demonstrate that our email security system is secure.
Since implementation a year and a half ago, IRONSCALES has reduced the amount of phishing emails getting through our email security systems by 99%.
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-- Leo Chavez, Founder And CEO of Enterprise IT Security (EITS)
-- Stephanie McKee Director of Technology Engagement at Apparo





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