Want to help us fight
the phish?

Combatting the email phishing epidemic is one of
the world’s greatest challenges.
IRONSCALES is on a mission to make messaging safer for users and manageable for admins. We’ve pioneered an approach to phishing mitigation that depends on humans and machines working together to protect businesses from the dangers of advanced email phishing threats.
Fighting the Phish Hard, Play Hard
Annual company retreats in Europe
Festive holiday celebrations
Team community service opportunities
*Many other perks & benefits

Our Core Values Make Us Elite

We may be a team of hungry phishing disruptors, but at our
core we all share six important values:
Whatever You Are,
Be a Good One
  • Deliver work you are proud of!
  • Go above and beyond
  • Wow your colleagues. Wow our customers!
  • Deeply understand the stuff you are working on & go into details
  • Never stop learning - Read, read and read
Be Positive
  • Have a “can do” approach
  • Come with solutions, not problems
  • Do more with less
  • Smile and have fun!
Be Fast,
But Don’t Hurry
  • Act with urgency!
  • Don’t compromise on quality, ever!
Always Challenge
Our ways but respect decisions made!
  • Ask questions and demand good answers
  • Think of ways to do things better
Recognize the
Importance of Team
  • Recognize that no one makes it alone
  • No teammate is smarter than the other
  • Consult your team to make better decisions
Never Give Up
  • Have a passion for wining!
  • But even more than that, have a deep HATE for losing!!
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