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GWS Augmentation

Fortify Your Google Workspace Security

Fill the gaps in your Google Workspace email security and protect your organization from the full spectrum of advanced attacks (and spend less time dealing with it).

GWS Augmentation


The Gaps in GWS Email Security

Google Workspace is on the frontline detecting basic phishing and malware threats, but its native security offering falls short with today's advanced, social engineering attacks (think BEC and ATO).



Elusive Attacks

GWS is great at stopping spam but falls short on protecting your organization from sophisticated email attacks, especially BEC attacks that lack telltale links or attachments.

Endless Reviews

Endless Reviews

Admins are bogged down by the high volume of user-reported phishing emails. The vast majority are usually harmless.


Operational Overload

The basic tools in GWS leave admins in a constant cycle of catch-up, sifting through individual alerts and managing threats manually.


Enhance Your GWS Security 

Connect our platform to your GWS environment in a few clicks with our seamless API integration and get triple threat phishing protection with advanced threat intelligence, anomaly detection, and real-time insights from a community of 20,000 threat hunters.

GWS Pyramid 


Advanced Threat Detection

Stop the Threats Google Misses 

Our blend of Adaptive AI and Human-in-the-Loop approaches ensures that no threat slips through unnoticed. It continually learns from each interaction to detect behavioral anomalies so even the most sophisticated phishing attacks are identified and blocked.

SOC Automation 

Scale Operations With a Virtual Security Team 

We'll streamline your security operations. Our platform utilizes SOC automation, reducing manual workload and enabling faster, more efficient decision-making, thereby enhancing your team's operational productivity. 

Simulation and Awareness Training

Engage and Empower Your Employees 

Transform your users into your strongest defense line with our integrated phishing simulation testing and security awareness training. You can launch training campaigns with a few clicks or let us do all the work with autonomous phishing simulations. 



"For Telit, it is almost impossible to train all our employees without IRONSCALES.”


Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.