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Microsoft Teams® Security

Keep Your Guard Up on Microsoft Teams

Collaboration platforms are less secure than email. Get advanced Microsoft Teams security with integrated cloud messaging security (ICMS) from IRONSCALES™.


Protect Your Team Members

Employees commonly let their guards down when using collaboration and messaging platforms.

They assume messages, links, and attachments are trusted because these platforms are viewed as “internal-use only,” but that’s not always the case. It’s not unusual for organizations to invite external users, such as their partners, customers, or other third parties, to connect to their collaboration platforms—which increases the chances of security threats such as phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover, and VIP impersonation.

Our platform adds an advanced layer of Microsoft Teams® security to help keep enterprises and their sensitive data safe. Key MS Teams security features include:

  • Automatic scanning of suspicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams
  • Comprehensive incident management and reporting via IRONSCALES dashboard and mobile app
  • Seamless integration and configuration with Microsoft 365 in just two clicks

The Explosion of Collaboration

There has been a massive shift to hybrid work environments—especially as organizations adjusted to ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions—making collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams a preferred channel for internal communications. Over 500,000 organizations use Microsoft Teams as their default collaboration platform, with over 145 million daily active users, of which 95 million users were added in 2020.

This shift from traditional email communication has impacted companies’ security posture as users inherently trust the messages, links, and files they receive in collaboration platforms. And, of course, this change in user behavior has not gone unnoticed, attackers have identified this attack vector and are constantly exploring new and creative ways to exploit this attack surface.

Admin Dashboard with Integrated Teams Incident Management

Administrators review and investigate auto-classified incidents in Microsoft Teams®, including who sent the message, chat members, channel(s), and links.


Admin Dashboard-3b