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Security Awareness Training For Employees

Integrated Training.
Streamline Security.

Ensure your employees are a strong line of defense against the latest methods of attack with Security Awareness Training from IRONSCALES™.

Request a demo today to see how our innovative training solutions can help you stay ahead of ever-evolving threats and improve your organization's security posture.

Security Awareness Training For Employees

Security Awareness Training (SAT) is critical to a robust security program

The best security strategies address the human element. So, we include integrated Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Phishing Simulation Testing modules with Complete Protect™ to help you empower your employees.

This approach makes it easy to send and track training videos on a wide range of security-related topics to the people who need them most. Combining this exclusive training content and the new SAT options enables you to: 

  • Provide your users with engaging bite-sized videos based on real-world threats
  • Launch targeted training campaigns in a few clicks, to everyone, or just specific people, or smart groups
  • Address multiple industry compliance training requirements
  • Track measurable outcomes with detailed engagement reporting 
SAT Tour Thumbnail

Right Training. Right People. Right Time.

We make it easy to get the relevant training content to the people who need it the most to maximize the impact for your organization, such as:

  1. Target by organization chart or smart groups to match roles and attack types 
  2. Send training videos to users who fail a phishing simulation
  3. Needs-based on compliance or governance requirements 

Training Video Library

More than 100 different videos to help spot phishing emails and improve overall security awareness for employees  

Complete Protect™ includes relevant training videos to help reduce risks, increase email security awareness, and stay compliant. 

  1. Over 100 videos across eight categories 
  2. Nine different languages 
  3. Fast and easy to consume 
  4. Upload, track, and score your own content



IRONSCALES helps us train our employees to recognize and easily report phishing emails, resulting in significant savings on IT human resources.
- Itzik Menashe, Global IT Director at Telit

Track Engagement and Results 

Generate high-level and detailed campaign reports with stats, graphs, and results. 

  • Executive-level summary views
  • Campaign-specific statistics
  • Report delivery, views, and completion by person, department, or smart groups 
SAT Reporting View 3

Compliance Training

Complete Protect™ streamlines the delivery of compliance training content for multiple frameworks including: 

  • GDPR 
  • GLBA 
  • HIPAA 
  • Human Resources 
  • PCI 
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) 

Streamline Your Campaigns

Launching a new Security Awareness Training campaign only takes a few clicks. IRONSCALES' design streamlines the process with auto-populated lists, email templates, and an intuitive scheduler. 

Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.



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"The Buck Stops Here. Best Email Security Solution On The Market"

Product Manager & Cyber Security Leader
IT Security & Risk Man
agement Company

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