Gmail Phishing Protection for Google Workspace (GWS) Email Security

Complement your default Google Workspace (GWS) email security capabilities with an additional layer of protection against advanced phishing attacks like Business Email Compromise, Account Takeover, VIP impersonation, and more.

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Stop Advanced Phishing Attacks Targeting your GWS Environment

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) provides a basic level of protection against traditional phishing attacks like malicious links and attachments. However, that protection doesn’t stop today’s advanced phishing attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), and VIP Impersonation. IRONSCALES can help, and we make it easy.

Fast. Easy. Effective.

Fast to deploy, easy to manage, and effective anti-phishing protection for Google Workspace.

Fast to Deploy
Connect IRONSCALES to your GWS environment in just minutes.
Easy to Manage
See how IRONSCALES is protecting your GWS environment with a simple and intuitive dashboard. View prioritized incidents that require your attention and take action in a single click. And if you’re on the go, use our mobile app to do the same.
More Effective

Phishing is a human and machine problem. We believe the most effective solution requires a Human + Machine approach. Our software stops up to 99% of attacks, we integrate humans into the solution to address the last 1%. This includes 20,000+ customer security analysts in our community and reports from every mailbox user with our Report Phishing button.

Read more about our unique Human + Machine approach here.


Securing your Google Workspace

Learn how to stay ahead of the growing email security threat from this comprehensive guide. This mighty guide includes:

  • Why most email security solutions, like SEGs, fall short
  • How an integrated cloud email security solution (ICES) stays ahead of evolving threats
  • How an ICES like IRONSCALES keeps you more secure at a lower cost

Supplement Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) email security capabilities with advanced phishing protection

Google Workspace (GWS) is good at catching traditional email-based threats like malware and attachments. However, advanced threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), VIP impersonation, and others can easily slip past GWS and get into your email environment.

IRONSCALES uses a combination of technologies like natural language processing, social graph, and visual scanning to flag these advanced threats and eliminate them from all impacted email inboxes before they become an issue for your organization. IRONSCALES can help, and we make it easy.


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