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IRONSCALES provides automatic phishing response technology to one of the largest European-based BPO organizations.


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  1. As a growing global company, Webhelp must assimilate into each client’s environment, a complex process due to various regulations and external influences

  2. With their expanding attack surface, Webhelp experienced an increase in different email phishing attacks. They found their existing email security solution failed to protect against VIP impersonation emails


  1. Webhelp was looking for automatic prevention, detection, and autonomous incident response to cyber-attacks in order to scale with their growing business

  2. Webhelp needed greater visibility into its security controls, and to increase the resilience of the increasing number of employees working from home


  1. Webhelp appreciated the instant implementation of IRONSCALES and noticed immediate ROI

  2. The IT Team estimated they have saved more than 460 hours since deployment and can now handle thousands of threats automatically

Company Intro

Webhelp is a global corporation offering CX and business solutions to both technological and non-technological organizations in all industries. As one of the largest European-based BPO organizations, Webhelp has over 65,000 employees and operates in more than 50 countries. Their staff helps improve customer experiences by providing technical support, consulting, digital services, outsourcing, and more.


The Problem

Webhelp’s size and global nature raised some unique challenges for its security team, including understanding and complying with the security requirements of its global clients. When operating with and supporting its customers, Webhelp assimilates into each client’s environment, which can be a complex process due to various regulations and external influences. With their diverse ecosystem spanning many industries and countries, their exposure and data footprint are dramatically increased. Because of this, Webhelp was frequently targeted at all levels by phishing attacks, directed at their business and their clients.

The Webhelp team knew it was of utmost importance to have their email security under control. As they were facing sophisticated attacks and complex social engineering tactics, simple malware protection was not a sufficient solution. Before deploying IRONSCALES, Webhelp relied on Microsoft Office 365 native security tools. This was challenging as it meant relying on the SOC team and end-users to understand and identify threats. These security tools also had a number of limitations for a business of Webhelp’s size. For example, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 limits each anti-phishing policy to a maximum of 60 protected users. As a business with 60,000 employees, these limits were too restricting, necessitating a more efficient solution

Webhelp needed to save time and reduce the risk of phishing attacks while equipping SOC teams to manage security incidents quickly and correctly. The security team wanted to deploy a solution that could understand and analyze email flow to determine whether senders were reliable. There was no reporting process between end-users and the security team and no automated phishing analysis. Webhelp could no longer rely on human evaluation and needed to ensure that all emails were vetted and analyzed effectively. This is a hard ask of any single solution, particularly amidst a constant increase in the frequency and sophistication of phishing attacks.

In today’s digital environment it’s incredibly hard to be aware of all the possible incidents we could face, but now, looking at the sheer amount of intelligence coming through thanks to IRONSCALES, we have a really strong grasp on security. Before working with IRONSCALES, I was getting daily 5/10 emails from various managers, directors and board members asking if emails were legitimate and whether we needed to do something about it. Over the last 3 weeks I only recall one such email and even that was due to human error.
Ivan Milenkovic, Group Information Security Director at Webhelp


IRONSCALES approached Webhelp in 2020, offering automatic phishing response technology that enables the analysis, mitigation, and remediation of phishing threats automatically or at the click of a button. Additionally, IRONSCALES offers employee simulation and training software designed to improve overall phishing awareness, providing twofold protection for the organization. The IRONSCALES solution offered an unmatched feature set without the existing limitations of Microsoft Defender for Office 365. After evaluating the platform against other email security providers during a trial period, Webhelp reported significant results within the first two weeks.

Despite being a global company, IRONSCALES’ solution was implemented into Webhelp’s centralized email system in a matter of hours. Within a month, the solution expanded from a limited Proof of Concept to covering an entire region, with IRONSCALES available for support, information, and incident handling throughout the implementation process. Together, Webhelp and IRONSCALES were able to roll out the solution to the entire email population without disruption, and all changes to the IT environment were invisible to their employees.

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Since partnering with IRONSCALES, Webhelp has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of phishing emails they receive. The IRONSCALES platform has reported 107,750 total quarantined emails in just a few months. In addition, Webhelp estimates they have saved over 460 analytical hours since deploying IRONSCALES. Webhelp is now able to handle thousands of threats automatically, through IRONSCALES’ inherent machine learning (ML) capabilities. With IRONSCALES in place, end-users do not require technical IT skills or advanced knowledge of phishing. All global customers are part of the IRONSCALES Community, which democratizes threat protection and automatically remediates customer threats. Organizations gain the power of threat-sharing across global SOC teams, minimizing the volume of reported phishing attacks that land in mailboxes.

This has made a huge difference for both end-users and security teams. Now, each informs the other about potential attacks, allowing the end-user to become a crucial part of the security team. Webhelp has seen significant cost and time savings since deploying IRONSCALES. Previously, the SOC team spent a significant amount of time investigating and mitigating each phishing threat. Now, with IRONSCALES, this investigation and mitigation is either done automatically or in a few clicks.

I was mightily impressed that as soon as things started moving forward, IRONSCALES’ CEO reached out and opened a channel of communication. At our first service review, the CEO was also on the call closely following to see if there were any problems. That’s one of the qualities that we really appreciate.
Ivan Milenkovic, Group Information Security Director at Webhelp

In only a few months:


Protected Mailboxes


Analyst hours saved


Quarantined emails

Looking Ahead

Webhelp is now looking to utilize IRONSCALES’ employee simulation and training software to enhance end users’ knowledge of email phishing. The IRONSCALES educational platform provides gamified simulated training programs and fake phishing emails to improve awareness, allowing employees to learn on a continual basis. IRONSCALES enables these resources to be rolled out in multiple languages across Webhelp’s countries. Over the past couple of years, Webhelp has invested heavily in the implementation of security practices and education into their employees’ daily routine, ensuring that email security is a positive effort for their organization.

Webhelp is also exploring ways of improving their remote working capabilities to enable their global network to work effectively and safely at home. After implementing IRONSCALES, Webhelp has greater visibility into their security controls, increasing the resilience of employees who are working from home.

Because of their partnership with IRONSCALES, Webhelp has been able to reposition security as an enabler, rather than an inhibitor. The Webhelp team can now be confident in their email security, allowing the organization to focus on more lucrative initiatives in the knowledge that their inboxes are secure and phishing incidents will be reported and remediated immediately.


Every day criminals launch billions of new phishing attacks. No company is immune. Legacy solutions can’t keep up & cloud providers struggle to stop advanced attacks with native controls. IRONSCALES’ powerfully simple email security solution helps you fight back fast and keeps your company safe in today’s cloud-first world. Incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit, we offer security professionals an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to proactively fight phishing attacks.

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