Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

Prevent CEO fraud, supply chain attacks, invoice fraud, and other non-signature-based BEC attacks in real-time.
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 limits each anti-phishing policy to a maximum of 60 protected users. As a business with 60,000 employees, these limits were too restricting, necessitating a more efficient solution
- Ivan Milenkovic, Group Information Security Director at Webhelp

Prevent, Detect, and Remediate BEC Attacks

As threats become more sophisticated through social engineering, they also become more difficult for busy or distracted employees to detect.

By fusing machine learning with human behavior and business insights analysis, IRONSCALES provides dynamic impersonation and fraud protection beyond DMARC and conventional SEGs by delivering mailbox-level and business anomaly detection.

Features & Benefits


Protect against email threats on any device and web app via 2-click API integration

Prevent targeted executive and employee email attacks

Stop supply chain fraud and invoice fraud

Mailbox-level BEC Prevention Out of the Box

Know who is sending what to your inbox. IRONSCALES works from the inside out by building unique profiles for each employee based on communication history, content analysis (NLP), internal, external relationship profiles, and other metadata to detect anomalies. Integrate in seconds with 2-clicks via API to Microsoft Office 365 and see what your current email security is missing.

Protect Against Inbound and Internal Phishing

IRONSCALES leverages Natural Language Processing technology to flag commonly used BEC language such as requests for banking details or language emphasizing task urgency or reciprocity. By starting at your inbox, you’ll be ready to take targeted action on compromised vendor and employee accounts.

Detect Supply Chain Attacks and Invoice Fraud

IRONSCALES integrates into enterprise application APIs such as MS O365 Graph, which allows for the mapping of users and business communication habits in order to create a benchmark for “normal” interactions. Anything that deviates from the norm will be immediately flagged, analyzed and remediated in real-time to prevent fraud.

Protect and Train Users With Warning Banners

Flag suspicious emails in real-time before users click, and deliver actionable guidance for reporting and remediating suspicious emails. Known threats are automatically resolved and suspicious emails are flagged. Straightforward banners alert employees of probable threats which they can report with a single click for automated analysis, even on mobile devices.

The FBI estimates BEC attacks cost victims $26 billion from June 2016 to July 2019.


BEC attacks do not leverage malicious URLs or malware attachments, so they easily bypass signature-based prevention mechanisms used by SEGs.


BEC scams are popular because they're simple to execute, and don't require advanced coding skills or complex malware.

Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
That's the ticket.
- CISO -- Global Financial Services firm

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