Automated Phishing Incident Response

Reduce manual analysis of suspicious or reported emails and improve response times through automated incident response.
Since implementation a year and a half ago, IRONSCALES has reduced the amount of phishing emails getting through our email security systems by 99%.
- Stephanie McKee, Director of Technology Engagement at Apparo

Reduce MTTD, MTTR, and Dwell Time

Faster response times = reduced click rates. Automated incident response narrows the window of time between attack and detection by resolving threats autonomously and remediating them at scale.

IRONSCALES alleviates SOC burnout by remediating threats in bulk and integrates with a variety of SIEM and SOAR platforms for easy implementation. Explore our integrations.

Features & Benefits


Auto triage employee reported email threats

Cluster and remediate similar attacks

Bulk remediate threats in just seconds

Triage Employee Reported Emails

Automating your incident response process does more than just prevent threats: it lightens the load for SOC teams by autonomously analyzing and resolving email threats and blocking them for good.

Cluster and Remediate Email Threats at Scale

Say ‘goodbye’ to search and delete: AI-powered incident response automatically detects, clusters and remediates similar/polymorphic emails, and resolving them en masse. Decrease in-house email admin time and effort with AI/ML (no more scripts and tools).

AI-powered Incident Response On The Go

The IRONSCALES mobile app enables security analysts to access the platform’s incident response center while on-the-go to make time-sensitive decisions on phishing mitigation and resolve incidents immediately with one click.
 Benefits include:
  • Push notifications on phishing reports from users and newly detected threats to mobile devices in real-time
  • Resolution of incidents on-the-go via one click to help save time for SOC and IT security teams
  • Help security teams make mission critical decisions on new threats in real-time using Themis, our AI virtual SOC Analyst

Available on both iOS or Android.

The Business Cost of Phishing

According to 250+ security professionals they spend on average 27.5 minutes to resolve a single phishing email. In this report you will find more statistics and insights covering:

  • The huge time burden for IT teams to address phishing
  • The expensive cost of handling phishing threats
  • The expected increase in phishing over the next year
  • The spread of phishing beyond email

82 Seconds Time until the first click is lured in a typical phishing attack

- Verizon Breach Investigations Report


$8,900 Monthly cost of managing phishing attacks for an organization with 5K users

- Osterman Research


24% Percentage of 40-hour work week a security analyst will spend investigating, detecting, or remediating phishing emails

- Osterman Research


It’s not just our customers talking about us

The word is out: IRONSCALES is leading the pack in email security!

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