Account Takeover Protection & Prevention

Prevent email account takeover (ATO) attempts to protect user credentials, financial information, sensitive data, and more using IRONSCALES™.

57 percent of businesses are reporting higher losses associated with account opening and account takeover fraud in the past 12 months, compared to 55 percent in 2018 and 51 percent in 2017.
- Experian 2020 Global Identity and Fraud Report

Prevent New and Emerging ATO Attacks

Account takeover fraud involves an attacker stealing an authorized user's credentials to access financial information or sensitive data. Credentials are often stolen by using phishing attack vectors that take advantage of person-to-person trust, such as fake login pages to Microsoft login or Google Docs login as part of an email account takeover attack.

IRONSCALES analyzes content and communication styles in order to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated account takeover attempts.

Features & Benefit


IP tracking & device profiling to monitor suspicious activity

Learn users and company business process and relationships to prevent fraud

User behavior profiling to prevent fraud and social engineering

Detect and Prevent Compromised Accounts

Cross check multiple signals of compromise such as suspicious travel, mail forwarding rules, and BEC language to prevent email account compromise attacks.

Detect External Vendor Email Compromise

Leveraging business application APIs such as Microsoft O365 graph API allows IRONSCALES to learn user and company business processes, typical language, and relationships. Continuous analysis prevents fraud and social engineering via compromised vendor accounts as well as email account takeover attempts.

360° Account Takeover Prevention

The number of account takeover attacks surged 282% from 2019 to 2020. With that trend likely to continue, security teams will need every tool in the box to stay ahead of attackers. IRONSCALES delivers holistic, comprehensive ATO protection through automated incident response, proactive threat hunting, virtual SOC, and employee training and phishing emulation.


ATO rates for physical e-commerce businesses jumped 378% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic


28,538 credentials stolen per minute


32% of victims of ATO never do business with that merchant again

Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
That's the ticket.
- CISO -- Global Financial Services firm

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