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Platform Technology

We don't just defend—we transform your operations and empower your team. Stay ahead of threats with our platform technology that's designed for action. Explore how we make this happen.

Our Adaptive AI Platform Unifies
ML & Human Insights

AI is a powerhouse in detecting and acting on potential email threats, but it's our signature Adaptive AI, a unique blend of AI and human insights, that truly sets our platform apart. This self-learning approach builds a distinct baseline profile for each protected inbox, addressing over 99% of email threats.



Machine Learning + Human Insights = Adaptive AI

The secret sauce: It's not just ML algorithms doing the heavy lifting. With invaluable insights from inbox users, security experts across our client spectrum, and our in-house analysts, our Adaptive AI continuously evolves to catch elusive, never-seen-before attacks.


Cutting-edge ML Models That Adapt to New Threats

Why settle for Static AI? Our Adaptive AI continuously evolves to catch never-seen-before threats. 

  • Our self-learning models create a rich social graph, capturing normal communication patterns unique to your organization
  • We automatically recognize inboxes, employees, VIPs, vendors, and map behavioral relationships
  • Our NLP and behavior models use what we learn from your employees and environment to detect anomalous and malicious behavior



The Human Edge in our
Adaptive AI

Our blend of Adaptive AI and Human-in-the-Loop approaches ensures that no threat slips through unnoticed. Our platform:

  • Empowers millions of users to contribute feedback, turning vigilance into a formidable defense
  • Enables IT and Security teams to easily contribute to our HITL approach, ensuring nuance is captured where it matters most
  • Leverages collective expertise from over 20,000 security professionals, alongside our seasoned analysts, to continuously sharpen our ML models





Enhance and Streamline your Defenses

Our integration capabilities ensure a robust, cohesive, and efficient security ecosystem.

  • Enjoy a straightforward 3-click integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, designed for agility and ease
  • Our broad API support ensures harmony with leading 3rd party security technologies, ensuring a cohesive defense strategy
  • Elevate your security infrastructure with seamless integrations across SEIM, SOAR, XDR, and more


GenAI that Works. Not Just a Headline.

Generative AI is reshaping the email threat landscape. Protect your organization from advanced BEC attacks crafted by malicious GenAI tools like WormGPT with Advanced AI, our multi-layered defense strategy.

AI Shield Icon

GenAI-based Protection

Our GenAI technology quickly detects and shuts down GPT-generated social-engineering phishing attacks like WormGPT & and FraudGPT.

Chat bot icon

Inbox Security Assistant

Minimize false alarms and empower your team with Themis Co-Pilot, our GPT-driven chat assistant. It gives your staff the power to scrutinize suspicious emails and take away insights that matter, in the moment.

Simulation Icon

GenAI Phishing Simulator

Elevate your employees' awareness of socially-engineered attacks with our GPT-powered spear phishing simulator.  Instantly generate simulation campaigns personalized to each employee. 


"For Telit, it is almost impossible to train all our employees without IRONSCALES.”


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