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Email Protection

Phishing Evolves, So Should Your Defense.

Connect our AI-Powered Platform to your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and stop email attacks that others miss.

Email Protection

Integrated Cloud Email Security

Protect your organization from sophisticated email attacks with Adaptive AI 

Experience enhanced email security with IRONSCALES, where adaptive AI/ML technology combined with human insight from 20,000 threat hunters keeps you a step ahead of cyber threats.


API-Based Security

Seamless Security. Serious Power.

Our Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) integrates effortlessly with your email using our powerful API. With our inbox-level Adaptive AI constantly at work, your email security becomes automated and robust—and stops advanced email attacks that slip past others.


Inbox Protection

Adaptive AI

Our Adaptive AI strengthens machine learning with real human insights. It’s a self-learning platform that builds a detailed social graph for your organization, capturing the unique ways your team communicates. 

When an email doesn’t fit the pattern—say, an odd message from a vendor or a VIP—it’s flagged immediately.   


Auto Remediation

Smart Automation. Minimal Effort.

We continuously monitor every inbox for malicious activity. When we detect a threat, our virtual SOC automatically remediates it and intelligently searches and clusters similar emails across your environment.  

Employee Reinforcement

Elevating Users. Unburdening Security Teams.

Your employees are key to fighting phishing (say that three times). With smart, context-aware banners and a simple click-to-report feature, employees bolster our AI, enriched by insights from our 20,000+ community of threat hunters. 



"For Telit, it is almost impossible to train all our employees without IRONSCALES.”


Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.