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Introducing Our Latest Release

Defend against quishing attacks and effortlessly accelerate cyber awareness

A United Approach to Email Security


Protect Better

Defend against advanced phishing like quishing with the only email security solution that combines AI with human insights to train our ML model.

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Empower the Organization

Mobilize your employees as a critical line of defense with eye-catching alerts, threat-based phishing simulations, and more.


Simplify Operations

Focus on what matters by leveraging intelligent automation, generative AI, and autonomous testing campaigns to reduce the overhead of manual tasks in securing the inbox and building a security awareness culture. 

New Advancements in Email Security



Deep Image-based Detection

Protect Against Image-Based Phishing Threats

Enhance your email security with our cutting-edge multi-modal protection. Safeguard your business against advanced image-based threats, including QR code phishing, using OCR, deep-text, image processing, and natural language models. Detect and thwart phishing threats hidden within images, ensuring comprehensive protection for your organization.

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Autonomous Campaigns

Automate Timely Phishing Simulations in 2-Clicks

Put your phishing simulation testing on autopilot with autonomous campaigns. Skip the manual setups and enjoy automated, tailored campaigns that prime your organization against relevant and current phishing threats.



Enhanced Campaign Dashboard

Optimize Training with Insightful Performance Metrics

Make Data-driven decisions to improve training campaign effectiveness with the new Enhanced Campaign Dashboard. View benchmark performance, spot training gaps, and strategize with insights to stay ahead of the curve.

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Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.