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Anti Phishing Software for Cloud Email Environments and Collaboration Tools

IRONSCALES™ is an integrated cloud email security (ICES) platform that provides businesses with a complete phishing protection software solution for enterprise email security


Fight Phishing With Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES)

The IRONSCALES™ cloud-native, API-based email security platform is continuously learning, detecting, and remediating advanced threats at the mailbox level, before and after email delivery.

A truly comprehensive email security solution empowers you to focus on your most important work instead of getting bogged down with complex solutions–or worse, suffering a phishing attack.


Protect Against Advanced BEC Threats

Prevent CEO fraud, supply chain attacks, invoice fraud, and other non-signature-based BEC attacks in real-time.

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • CEO and Employee Impersonations
  • Spear Phishing and Credential Theft
  • Supply Chain Attacks
  • Internal Phishing
"People used to send me emails all the time, asking 'should I open this?'...but not anymore, this is a huge time saver."
--Service Desk Technician, Financial Services


Automate Abuse Mailbox and Incident Response

IRONSCALES is the only email security platform with a fully autonomous AI analyst named Themis. She is trained to mimic real-world security analysts. Her automated phishing prevention capabilities include:

  • Automatically triaging and responding to employee-reported emails
  • Clustering similar suspicious emails into a single incident
  • Auto-remediating already-delivered emails from inboxes
  • Providing AI-powered incident suggestions to aid rapid decision-making, including anti-phishing support


"Before IRONSCALES, the time-consuming process was unnecessarily taking up a lot of the security team's limited time, even more so when considering false positive reports."

-VP Global IT & Information Security
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Advanced Threat Assessment and Training

IRONSCALES performs anti-phishing simulations and customized training based on real-time data and real-world situations to empower your team to recognize, report, and resolve attacks.

  • Scan back 90-days to find and remove idle threats lying in your inboxes
  • Automatically simulate real phishing scenarios against your employees
  • Educate your employees with enterprise training and awareness
  • Test your email perimeter phishing defenses using real-world phishing threats
“By far the easiest product I manage in terms of simplicity and adoption”
-Security Analyst, Healthcare


The IRONSCALES mobile app enables security analysts to access the platform’s email security tools and incident response center while on the go to make time-sensitive decisions on phishing mitigation and resolve incidents immediately with one click.

Benefits include:

  • Push notifications on phishing reports from users
  • Review real-time incidents
  • Remediate reports and incidents on the go with one click


Available on both iOS or Android.


Layers of the IRONSCALES™ Solution

By taking a comprehensive, all-in-one approach, our platform puts you in the best position to fight a variety of known and unknown attacks, including:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Credential theft
  • Business email compromise (BEC)
  • Account Takeovers (ATO)
  • Polymorphic and zero-day attacks
  • Time-Delayed attacks


Get all of the following features in one convenient SaaS platform:

Threat Assessment

IRONSCALES Phishing Simulation & Training

Phishing Simulation Testing & Defense Training

Simulate attacks to drive user awareness and training with a customized micro-learning method to help employees think like security analysts and identify attacks should a threat slip by the phishing protection software.

Learn More >>

Advanced Threat Protection

IRONSCALES Advanced Malware and URL Protection

Advanced Malware & URL Protection

Protect against zero-day malware, credential theft, and phishing websites with a real-time defense against all inbound emails, using various multi-anti-virus, visual anomaly detection and sandbox engines.

Learn More >>

IRONSCALES Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

BEC Protection

Prevent email spoofing, impersonation and non-signature-based BEC attacks in real-time. Check every employee’s inbox for anomalies with our unique “fingerprint” technology.

Learn More >>


Account Takeover Protection

Analyze content and communication styles in order to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated account takeover attempts.

Learn More >>

Democratized Threat Hunting

Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

Get the world’s most real-time and actionable threat intelligence with more eyeballs and SOC analysts than any other solutions available, detect existing and emerging phishing threats in real-time.

Learn More >>

IRONSCALES Phishing Protection for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams® Threat Protection

Safeguard your organization with automated phishing prevention scanning and blocking of malicious or suspicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams, and integrated incident management and reporting via IRONSCALES dashboard.

Learn More >>


IRONSCALES Artificial Intelligence Powered Incident Response

AI-Powered Incident Response

Automate email phishing investigation, orchestration and response to reduce the detection of suspicious mail to just seconds. Automatically claw back and cluster bad emails at scale – instantly.

Learn More >>

IRONSCALES Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)

Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)

Our AI-powered security analyst allows your security teams to make faster decisions on suspicious emails in real-time by automating the thresholds, analysis and quarantine of threats.

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Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.



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"The Buck Stops Here. Best Email Security Solution On The Market"

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IT Security & Risk Man
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