Protect Your Inbox
From Business Email Compromise Attacks

Read this whitepaper on how IronSights complements traditional email security tools to protect against business email compromise attacks.

Business Email Compromise:
The Catalyst for Mailbox Level Email Security

The FBI reports more than $12 billion in global losses from over 78,617 BEC attacks between 2013 and 2018.
To proactively combat these spoofing & impersonation attacks, email security at the mailbox-level is needed.
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Why BEC Attacks Are So Successful & Why Email Security Must Move from the Gateway to the Mailbox:

  • BEC attacks are low volume emails highly targeted towards individuals,
    making them extremely hard to identify.
  • Secure email gateways cannot identify BEC attacks because these messages lack
    malicious payloads. Security at the mailbox level driven by machine learning can help.
“BEC attacks are so successful because there is typically no malicious payload to detect, such as an attachment or link, allowing them to bypass traditional gateway defenses.”