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Phishing Emulator™

The Next Evolution in Breach and Attack Simulation Tools

Move beyond threat simulation and safely emulate the most current threats to find your email security gaps.

Breach and Attack Simulators Are Too Dated

Organizations must continuously test their security perimeter for new vulnerabilities. After all, new phishing attacks are being launched every second. But Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) alone cannot keep up with the flood of ever-changing attacks. And Breach and Attack Simulators (BAS) tools are built to apply mostly fictitious and always outdated phishing scenarios. By the time known attacks are incorporated into BAS tools, attackers have moved on – which means you're left to play catch-up.

Given these limitations, we recognize that security teams need more “live fire” situations to accurately and realistically test their email defenses. That’s why IRONSCALES is shifting the paradigm from “simulation” to “emulation.”

How Can You Take Breach Attack Simulations to The Next Level?

As part of the IRONSCALES SaaS Platform, Emulator is a first-of-its-kind threat assessment tool enabling you to defend against known and emerging threats. By focusing on emulation over simulation, security teams can make perimeter testing as real, fast, and frequent as possible. You train and test your people to fight phishing – why shouldn’t you do the same for your technical defenses?

Now you have the ability to emulate recent, real-world phishing attacks to discover weak points and vulnerabilities within your existing email security infrastructure, based on current threats. Emulator exposes holes at the SEG level with unmodified, non-signature-based attacks – all within a safely contained environment.

How IRONSCALES Threat Emulation Works

Emulator allows you to run real-world phishing attacks to a predefined test mailbox and in less than 5 minutes, you can set up and orchestrate attacks that include malicious links, fake log-in pages, impersonation attacks, and other real-world scenarios. Once your security administrator turns Emulator on and begins to source and launch attacks, your organization will get a report within minutes.

The benefits of Emulator include:

  • Simple Implementation: Perform 3 easy steps to configure, launch and generate a report
  • Thorough Security Assessments: Emulator assesses your email security defenses with real-world, recent attacks from our real-time collective threat intelligence and generates a detailed report
  • Empowered Decision-Making: When you understand where your email security gaps are, you can make informed decisions based on of whats bypassing and landing in mailboxes

Why Choose IRONSCALES Over Breach and Attack Simulation Tools?

Organizations around the globe use IRONSCALES self-learning email security platform to get access to a global community of real security teams in real time from some of the world’s best SOC teams, who work together as a big virtual team to discover new threats or attacks. When you’re ready to find and fix real vulnerabilities – ones that carry real consequences – then the typical BAS tools are not going to cut it.

You won’t find this level of email security infrastructure testing available elsewhere – at least not in a safe environment. The most comparable experience would be a real-world attack. Reach out today and see how IRONSCALES can help strengthen your infrastructure against the challenges of tomorrow.

With Phishing Emulator, we are able to constantly test our technical controls and review any gaps
-- Elis Shlomo, Head of Global Security at Netafim

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Phishing Emulator™
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