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Virtual SOC

The [AI] Analyst Your Security Team Needs

Meet Themis, our virtual SOC analyst. Make her an extension of your team and get automated email investigation and smart remediation (and spend more time on what matters).

Themis, Your AI-powered Email Security Specialist Image

Features & Benefits


Auto resolve incidents regardless of whether they are phishing, spam, or safe

Reduce clutter and time needed by completely removing items from inboxes

Provide real-time AI-powered recommendations on every open incident

SecOps Automation designed to fight phishing attacks at scale

SOC teams and security analysts are overwhelmed and unable to respond to every potential threat. Enhance your team’s capacity, efficiency, and speed by automating threat detection and remediation with AI-based email security.

Reduce Your Risk of Being Breached

As your virtual security analyst, Themis takes on the burden of analyzing and taking action on any detected threats to emails coming into your organization, freeing up your team to work on other security activities. This leads to an improved risk posture for your company, helping to keep you safe in today’s dangerous, highly-interconnected world.




Themis Co-Pilot for Outlook

Empower employees to fight phishing with GPT-powered chat

Mobilize your employees as a critical line of defense with the ability to question suspicious emails and gain real-time actionable insights with a GPT-powered chat assistant to allow employees to confidently report threats and take a more active part in threat hunting directly from their inbox.


The Only Email Security Platform With A Fully Autonomous AI Analyst

Hundreds of thousands of new email threats emerge every week. The average SOC analyst can manage about 8 security incident investigations in a day, which leaves room for errors, vulnerabilities, and burnout. SecOps automation with Themis addresses SOC capacity by using AI to predict the legitimacy of each attack using real analysts' threat analyses.
computer with ironscales running on it

Themis is the Virtual SOC Analyst Your Team Needs

Most SOCs can only investigate a fraction of the alerts they receive. Themis, the virtual SOC, closes security gaps by analyzing suspicious emails, reducing phishing mailbox noise by detecting likely spam or threats, and resolving them autonomously or by providing real-time recommendations to your team. Themis constantly patrols your email for signs of phishing attacks, business email compromise, and malicious URLs.

NEW Report: The Role of AI in Email Security

Conducted by Osterman Research, this comprehensive study explores the evolving landscape of AI-driven threats and innovative solutions implemented to stay ahead. Gain exclusive insights into the latest strategies, trends, and best practices that are defining the next frontier of email security.

Themis Augments SOAR Capabilities

Virtual security analyst, Themis plays a key role in security orchestration automation and response strategy. She learns about existing and emerging threats in real-time, from the IRONSCALES global network of security analysts and SOCs. Themis mimics their decision-making process and provides recommendations based on current, real-world threat intelligence.
Themis is an invaluable resource with its autonomic capabilities.
- Vern Scoggins, CISO, Polypore International

Stop Email Attacks.
Dead In Their Tracks.

Experience top-tier email protection with IRONSCALES™, the industry's first Adaptive AI-powered platform to catch the threats that others miss.

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.



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