Automated Phishing Incident Response


IronTraps is an automatic phishing incident response technology that empowers employees to seamlessly report suspicious emails in real-time with the click of one button, triggering an immediate automated deep forensics scan followed by an enterprise-wide mitigation/remediation response that significantly reduces the time malicious emails lie idle in employee’s inboxes. By enabling employees to prompt mitigation of suspicious emails without security team involvement, the time from phishing attack suspicion to enterprise-wide mitigation/remediation is expedited from months and weeks to seconds.

A recent report from FireEye cites the average time from breach to detection being 146 days globally, and a colossal 469 days for the EMEA region, which means early detection and alerts are as important as ever.


What is IronTraps and what makes it unique?


IronTraps is the first and only email security technology to automate forensics with phishing mitigation and remediation, while incorporating human intelligence with machine learning.


What does it do?


IronTraps orchestrates and automates several key phases such as detection, forensics, mitigation and remediation by first extracting all parameters of any malicious email reported or detected, using a proprietary machine learning technology that becomes better at predicting attacks with similar characteristics over time.


How does it work?


When a potential phishing email is reported or detected, the following sequence of events is triggered:


  1. An automatic notification is sent to the SOC team and in conjunction to IRONSCALES’ servers.
  2. IronTraps™ then automatically executes a comprehensive phishing forensics on the suspicious email using our integrated Multi AV and Sandbox Scan together with IRONSCALES’s advanced technology designed to analyze the number and skill ranking of the reporters, in addition to other proprietary analytics, which will determine the most appropriate mitigation response.
  3. Once the attack is verified an automatic remediation response is initiated consisting of an enterprise-wide removal of all malicious emails.


In addition:


  • At any given time the SOC team can intervene and trigger an enterprise- wide response with a single click.
  • Each attack generates an Intrusion Signature to both the endpoints and SIEM.


Known vs Unknown Attacks


For known email phishing attacks:

  • The email is automatically deleted!


For unknown zero-day email phishing attacks:

  • IRONSCALES is closing the gap quicker than ever by leveraging real-time human intelligence together with ML based technology to automatically mitigate the threat.




Predict Future Attacks: Using proprietary machine learning technology

Fully Automated Incident Response Technology: collection, comparisons, forensics and remediation (No Yara Rules)

Real Time Protection: Zero-day, Spear Phishing & Ransomware protection

Reduce SOC Workload Burden: Automatic/1 click mitigation response

Integration Ready: Sandbox, Multi AV, Intelligence and SIEM solutions

End to End Protection: PC, Mobile & Tablet

Zero time deployment: Integrates directly and seamlessly with Office 365/Exchange and Gsuite, that can be deployed in minutes

Spam Analysis: Independent Spam handling and analysis


Extended Coverage


IronTraps server side remediation enables companies to automatically remove ransomware, spear-phishing, whaling and other social engineering attacks before malicious emails can be engaged by unaware employees. Available both on premise and for cloud-based email apps, IronTraps automated server side remediation allows for organization-wide inbox remediation, even when a user is not logged in or online, thereby providing the real-time mobile and tablet coverage necessary to eliminate phishing within seconds.


Why IronTraps?


Today’s commercially available anti-phishing email security solutions only deal with awareness, training and signature based filtering, inevitably leading to consistent failures with mitigating and remediating reported attacks in a timely manner.

Due to the high risk and high cost of phishing attacks, SOC teams can no longer rely solely on human intelligence as a defense mechanism, but must also bring in additional aids to help protect the integrity and confidentiality of their companies.
That is where IRONSCALES automatic phishing mitigation & remediation solution comes in.
By integrating crowd wisdom with Machine Learning technology, IronTraps increases the efficiency and intelligence of all your security solutions (AV, SandBox, Firewall, IPS & Spam Filter) through a constant feedback loop built specifically to stop zero day phishing attacks.



IRONSCALES has won two awards: Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) award 2017 and SC Magazine 5 Star review (Best Product)



SCmagazine 5* Review:



IronTraps™ , a patent-pending, automatic email phishing remediation solution, automatically detects and blocks email phishing attacks in real-time, with or without human intervention, followed by an enterprise-wide remediation response.


An easily installed email add-on, IronTraps empowers employees to report suspicious emails with one-click on their toolbar in both Outlook and Gmail clients.



With IronTraps, enterprises and medium sized organisations can drastically reduce risk by allowing any and all employees to report, quarantine and remove suspicious emails. In addition, the automated phishing response technology is intelligent enough to analyze the maliciousness of the threat and remove it from all employee inboxes to prevent it from spreading – all of which alleviates the burden on the SOC team.


In addition, with IronTraps, each time a malicious event is detected, it remembers it, so that the same type of scam can never successfully infiltrate any other computer within its network again. (Learn more)