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Email Anti-Malware Software Must Tackle an Evolving Challenge

Every day, around 350,00 new malware variants enter the world. As attackers constantly improve their tools and techniques, traditional defenses and SEGs are becoming powerless. Attacks today are more sophisticated than ever. From commodity “blast” malware to credential theft where phishing attacks are delivered to end-users because the URLs do not contain any traditional threat signals such as malware.

Why Legacy URL and Malware Protection Software Can't Detect Fake Phishing Websites

Traditional URL scanning technology analyzes the source code of a suspicious HTML page in order to detect signatures of known attacks and any automated downloads of malicious code.

Today’s attackers work around this by using polymorphic versions of a fake landing page, which makes it impossible for signature-based legacy solutions to detect threats. By using subtle visual deviations to create pages that are nearly identical to the real deal, they also make it difficult for end users to recognize and report.

And these pages don’t even try to download malicious code – they just wait for users to enter their credentials providing attackers with a foothold inside the organization.


Here’s How You Can Protect Against Email Malware & URL Threats

  • Educate employees. Since most malware and fake login pages requires recipients to provide information, train employees to identify cyberattacks and be skeptical about any message that requests action on their part.
  • Understand the holes in your existing solution. Traditional anti-malware protection tools often fail against modern attacks. Firewalls, URL filters, and anti-spam software certainly have a place, but they will not protect you, your employees, and your company from today’s sophisticated attacks.
  • Defend against new malware tactics. In an evolving phishing and malware landscape, you don’t need “just” another layer of security. You need real-time URL malware tools that analyze and remove the most advanced threats instantly.

How IRONSCALES Advanced URL & Malware Protection Works

Leveraging computer vision and neural network technology, our platform goes beyond traditional solutions to detect and block visual deviations of spoofed websites and brands in real-time. IRONSCALES URL and malware protection technology defends against credential theft and phishing malware with:

  • Real-time identity profiling and scoring of internal and external senders
  • Continuous monitoring of communication patterns to detect anomalies
  • Computer vision and deep learning to block fake login pages in real time

Why Choose IRONSCALES for URL & Email Malware Threat Protection

Compared to traditional malware threat protection software, IRONSCALES delivers:

  • Native API integration--no MX records changes required
  • Real-time and continuous inspection of suspicious URLs and attachments in the inbox
  • Best-of-breed anti malware and AV engines

Deploy advanced email malware protection tools that keep your employees and companies credentials safe.

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