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Identify, flag and respond to malware and URL threats at scale

The Challenge of Malware & URL Protection

Attacks are growing more sophisticated with a host of malware techniques, from commodity “blast” malware to credential theft to highly customized attacks like CEO spoofing. Microsoft and Google are major targets for cyber attackers who delay or mask weaponized links and attachments, enabling emails to bypass the “perimeter” defenses of SEGs. That’s why you need protection throughout the journey of an e-mail across all users, inboxes and endpoints.

The Solution to Malware & URL Protection

Our proprietary visual anomaly detection technology applies deep learning algorithms and computer vision to detect fake landing pages in real time. Get continuous real-time malware & URL protection using best-of-breed anti-virus and sandbox engines along with proprietary visual anomaly detection, IRONSCALES offers cloud-based email protection against zero-day attacks, polymorphic malware, credential theft, and phishing websites in real-time to help prevent, detect and remediate known and unknown threats.

How IRONSCALES Malware & URL Protection Works

  • Detects, analyzes and removes advanced threats in the inbox
  • Automatically scans malicious URL and attachments on ALL inbound emails
  • Uses computer vision and deep learning to detect illegitimate login pages in real time
  • Provides best-of-breed malware and AV engines (CheckPoint, Bitdefender, Virus Total & Google Safe Browsing)
  • Renders malicious verdicts and responds in real-time without needing full mailbox scans
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