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Partnership Program

A powerfully simple turnkey email security solution for your customers

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Introducing the new IRONSCALES Partner Program
The IRONSCALES partner program was created to enable, incentivize, and reward partners for selling IRONSCALES' premium email security solution. The program offers a tiered structure to best fit different partner organization sizes, with strong benefits at each engagement level. As part of IRONSCALES' tiered channel program, partners can expect:

  • Guaranteed margins
  • Sales incentives
  • Accreditations
  • Co-marketing tools and asset
Phishing attacks are the biggest cyber security threat your customers are facing today. The IRONSCALES powerfully simple email security platform is the perfect addition to your security solution portfolio. Our self-learning, AI-driven email security platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats like BEC, credential harvesting, account takeover, and more in your customers’ mailboxes.
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What’s In It For You?

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SPIFF Incentives

Our SPIFF incentives offer a dynamic and effective way to energize your sales force and boost your bottom line.

Demo Support & POV Access

Demo Support & POV Access

Unlock unprecedented growth with accelerated sales cycles with seamless access to POVs and demonstration support, enhancing your customers' purchasing journey.

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Deal Registration

Maximize your earnings with our exclusive deal registration program. This program is designed to empower partners with the opportunity to maximize their earnings through enhanced profit margins.


Training and Enablement

We offer partners unparalleled access to our premier training and enablement resources. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your existing talents or explore entirely new skill sets, we've got you covered.


Dedicated Partner Manager

At the core of our commitment to fostering strong, enduring partnerships lies the role of our Dedicated Partner Manager. Our Dedicated Partner Managers are seasoned professionals, handpicked for their expertise, empathy, and ability to assist with your goals with us.


Joint Marketing & Events

Our joint marketing and event support services are designed to elevate your brand and forge meaningful connections with your target audience. Our approach is not just about sharing resources; it's about creating shared experiences that maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and events.

“For us, it’s important that we’re selling and enabling our customers with the right products, bringing the right value, and not necessarily breaking the bank along the way. And I think IRONSCALES has been a great decision for us to go to market with our customers from that perspective.”
Leo Chavez Founder And CEO, Enterprise IT Security (EITS)

What's In It For Your Customers?

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our customers receive unique benefits when choosing IRONSCALES.
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Advanced Protection

Our Adaptive AI-powered email security solution protects against not just conventional phishing attempts but extends to block advanced attacks such as BEC, ATO, QR attacks, and beyond. 


Quick Onboarding

Experience rapid onboarding and unlock immediate value with our streamlined approach. From the moment you begin, our intuitive process ensures you're quickly up to speed, leveraging the full potential of our solution without delay.


Reduced Workload

Our solution is designed to streamline operations and significantly lighten the load on your security team. By integrating advanced SOC automation and AI threat detection, we not only enhance your organization's protective measures but also free up your security personnel.


Integrated Security Training

Our solution provides integrated security awareness training (SAT) designed to empower your team and end users. Our training modules are meticulously crafted to not only educate but also to engage your users, ensuring they possess the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard your organization effectively.

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Mobile App

Our mobile app streamlines the process of managing incident resolution workloads by offering a groundbreaking single-click solution. With this app, teams can effortlessly monitor, investigate, and resolve issues, transforming the way they handle operational challenges.



Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are now welcome in the IRONSCALES community. This strategic inclusion marks a significant milestone, signaling our commitment to fostering a diverse and robust network of cybersecurity experts and professionals sharing insights, feedback, and their stories in our community. 

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“I didn’t think that a solution this effective and powerful could be implemented this quickly. We started with several 10s of users, and now we’re actively protecting more than 36,000, just like that. If you have any doubts that something like this can be done smoothly, don’t. Just let IRONSCALES help you.”
Ivan Milenkovic Group Information Security Director, WebHelp

“Best Email Security Solution On The Market”

Get better protection, simplify your operations, and empower your organization against advanced threats today.