Phishing Campaign Detection

Current commercially available email threat feeds intended to support phishing mitigation are also outdated, inaccurate, require human analysis and contain too many false positives to be effective.
Federation automatically provides advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging IRONSCALES' virtual analyst community.

Key Enterprise Email Security Benefits
for your Organization

reduce financial and reputational risk against emerging phishing campaigns.
High quality
real-time human verified phishing detection and threat intelligence.
security team's resources by leveraging peer community.

The Need for Decentralized
Phishing Campaign Detection

Federation delivers real-time, human verified, actionable phishing campaign intelligence collaborated on by top security experts within the IRONSCALES community.
Fully integrated with IronTraps, our forensics and incident response module, Federation empowers companies to proactively prepare for and automatically detect and respond to new phishing attacks that have already been verified.
By decentralizing and distributing email threat intelligence to security teams, companies can for the first time mitigate the risk of malicious emails spreading to additional employees’ or other companies’ inboxes.
This essentially entails end users "circling the wagons" and deciding that defending as a pack has advantages over defending yourself in isolation. Some organizations report that intelligence received from groups such as FS-ISAC is more useful than what they've received from commercial offerings, often at prices that are comparable or much less expensive

How Does Federation Detect Phishing Attacks?

Upon attack detection, Federation immediately logs the attack details and cross-references anonymously all users across the entire Federation community for emails containing a similar pattern. When an attack is matched, Federation immediately communicates with IronTraps, our automatic forensics and incident response module, which immediately blocks or remediates the phishing attack from all inboxes across the organization, eliminating the threat completely across all end-points.

Why Federation for Phishing Attacks?

Proactively detect and defend against emerging phishing attacks
Human verified phishing intelligence reduces false positives
Intelligence that is integrated and orchestrated into IRONSCALES remediation tools
Block emerging threats faster by leveraging peer community intelligence

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