Real-time Malware & URL Protection

IRONSCALES combines malware detection and URL protection to prevent, detect, and remove any malicious URLs or attachments in real-time.

We discovered that over 98% of malware making it to the sandbox array uses at least one evasive tactic and that 32% of malware samples making it to this stage were what we could classify as ‘hyper evasive,’ layering on six or more detection evasion techniques.” “Evasive malware is now a commodity.
-- CISO, European Insurance Company

Malware Protection At Scale

More than 350,000 new malware variants are discovered every day, and fake login and credential harvesting attacks are more sophisticated and cunning than ever.

Traditional malware detection tools struggle to stay ahead of emerging email threats. IRONSCALES counters attacks with a multi-layered approach that analyzes content and communication patterns to build internal and external relationship profiles. Any known malware threats or suspicious URLS or attachments can be detected and removed in real-time.

Features & Benefit


Constant, ongoing automated inspections of links-attachments across all inboxes

Access best-of-breed anti malware and AV engines out of the box (60+ engines).

Inspects suspicious urls and email attachments using real-time collaborative threat intelligence

Detect Email Threats That Bypass Your Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Traditional malware technology relies on known signatures in order to detect malicious threats. Polymorphic variants make it impossible for signature-based legacy solutions to identify every possible attack. IRONSCALES mailbox-level protection incorporates sandboxing and multi AV engines as well as proprietary real-time threat intelligence exclusive to IRONSCALES users.

Comprehensive Malware Protection

IRONSCALES delivers out-of-the-box, multi AV and sandbox integration that complements or replaces existing malware protection capabilities. Integrate with more than 60 malware protection engines to provide a single dashboard that continuously monitors links and attachments for instant detection, analysis, and remediation.

Proactive Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware attacks constantly morph in order to slip past your defenses. Attackers may even delay the execution of weaponized links or remain dormant in your network, watching and waiting. Continuous monitoring of inboxes is the only real path to protection.

IRONSCALES combines behavioral analysis with ongoing, automated inspections of links and attachments to anticipate and prevent future attacks.


of malware is delivered by email


of breaches featured hacking, 17% involved malware, and 22% involved phishing


The average ransomware payment rose 33% in 2020 over 2019, to $111,605

Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
That's the ticket.
-- CISO, Global Financial Services Firm

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