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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection & business email compromise
Eyal Benishti
| 2018 May 9

MS Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Vulnerabilities

As email phishing grows more sophisticated and remains a primary attack vector for data breaches, many security providers are attempting to step up their solutions to better mitigate risk. Microsoft is no exception, as the tech giant continues to invest in its Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which it proclaims to provide protection, detection and response to “unknown and sophisticated attacks.”

Phishing Lures of 2017
Eyal Benishti
| 2018 Jan 9

The Phishing Lures of 2017

Phishing is something that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. With the first phishing email believed to have been sent in the mid 1990’s, most people did not realise the existence of phishing until the ‘Love Bug’ scam struck in 2000, when a simple email attachment infected approximately 45 million computers worldwide.